Manila Bulletin editor shares shocking truth: America betrayed long-time ally Philippines in Sabah issue in the 60’s!

As the Spratlys continues to dominate on social media, the anti-Dutertes insist President Duterte should drop China and go back to Uncle Sam’s waiting arms.

Some hawkish anti-Dutertes even want President Duterte to go to war against China because of the West Philippine issue.

Anyways they said, America will come to our rescue since we have a Mutual Defense Treaty with them.

Because after all they said, Filipinos are Americas little brown brothers.

However, if the Panorama issue dug up by Manila Bulletin editor and writer Krizette Laureta Chu is any indication, the US she said will drop us like hot potatoes when their national interest and security are not threatened.

The perfect example Chu cited was when America sided with Malaysia at the height of tension between the Philippines and Malaysia due to the Sabah issue in the 60’s.

In light of this information, Chu said Filipinos should stop dreaming that America will fight side by side with the Philippines in case a shooting war with China erupts.

Please read Chu’s post below.


Sa pangangalkal ko ng lumang #Panorama, I saw this.

The PH- Malaysia Sabah issue. Napapanahon mga friends. This is why it’s important for us to have an independent foreign policy.

“In the heat of the Malaysia-PH word war, America broke its neutrality in the conflict, announcing its recognition of Sabah as part of Malaysian territory.”

This is the truth: The US cannot be expected to side with the PH in a war where US security is not directly threatened.


“We have fed upon the fancy that we are somehow the favorite children of America, and that she, driven by the predilection of our people, will never forsake us nor sacrifice her interests to her own….

Yet… we still should not believe that American policy can ever have any objective other than security, welfare, and interest of the American people.”–Senator Recto

BASAHIN ang realization nung 1960s na hanggang ngayon di pa rin ma gets: “In the absence of military treaties other than the US-RP Mutual Defense Agreement, FIlipinos found themselves alone.”

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