Manila Bulletin editor/writer campaigns against Mar Roxas in case he runs independently in 2019 election?

Mar Roxas is an LP through and through.

In fact the Roxas name has been associated with the Liberal Party which began with his father Gerry Roxas who first ran and elected under LP as Congressman.

When Mar Roxas ran for vice president and president, he ran under LP.

In other words, Roxas and LP are synonymous to say the least.

But rumors in social media has it that Mar Roxas is thinking of running as an independent, perhaps distancing himself with LP due to the bad publicity it has been getting on social media after being linked to various destab moves against the Duterte government.

Not to mention the graft and corruption issues being uncovered lately and linked to the previous Aquino administration.

Please read the full post below.

It speaks so much of Mar Roxas’ character if he will refuse to run under LP, now that LP is shunned like a leper.

This is a guy who will readily throw you under the bus if you are not useful anymore.

This is a guy who does not value loyalty and being part of a team.

This is a guy who will want nothing to do with you if association with you will taint him.

In the real world, Mar Roxas is that fair weather friend who will never stick around for the hard times.

And if Mar Roxas won’t even be loyal to his own party–his OWN party and his LP friends who after all are suffering from HIS FAILURES during Yolanda–how can you expect Mar to be loyal to the country?

Ako lang, if I were pro LP, I’d promise not to vote Mar. Can you imagine, iniwan sa ere ang LP at the time they need him (and warm bodies to fill the slate) the most?

Buti na lang if Mar is your run of the mill trapo who shifts from one party to next, but he is one of the key players of LP.

Wake up, LP people and fans. You continue to believe and fight for a man who does not want anything to do with you, who does not believe and fight for you.

Kawawa naman kayo. Ang sakit. Have a little respect for yourselves and don’t vote Mar.

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