Manila Bulletin editor & writer credits Duterte’s leadership for police action against the rich and wealthy law breakers

Did you hear the news? Arnold Padilla, the wealthy and influential Magallanes Village resident in Makati, was arrested by the police for unlicensed guns.

In case you missed it, Padilla earned notoriety on social media after his wife and a bodyguard were caught on CCTV attacking barangay traffic enforcers of Magallanes Village.

The video later surfaced on Facebook, to the consternation of netizens.

Moving forward, days after Padilla’s video went viral and featured on primetime news, Padilla’s house was raided by the police.

The police raid on Padilla’s house has elicited positive reactions on social media, particularly from Manila Bulletin lifestyle magazine editor and writer Krizette Laureta Chu.

Chu took to Facebook praising and crediting Duterte for the police raid which she said was unheard of in previous administrations because of the Filipino culture of ‘padrino’ system.

Read full text of Chu’s post below.

A moment of silence for the incontrovertible fact that this picture would not have been possible under a different administration.

The MMDA would have had no balls to fight back against a man of his stature and wealth.

A politician would have been able to make calls on his behalf. It would have been easy to pay off the enforcers, or easier, threaten them.

A senior ranking policeman would have made calls to “arbor” Padilla. In the past, a normal colonel, not even a general, would have been able to make this call.

Without Duterte’s leadership, this would not have happened. Without the standards we are now getting used to, without the sense of pride that’s been instilled in us as people, we would have accepted that the rich had more rights than us. That’s just how it is, we used to think.

If Duterte could fight with the US and EU, our enforcers could surely fight with a rich man from an exclusive village. Things we didn’t think about then, but are impacting the way we live our lives now.

Sure, Duterte isn’t involved in his arrest, but our shift in perspective as a people, we can credit to the old man from Malacanang.

Just as Duterte promised: A revolution from the inside.

Chew on this very, very, very slowly, and swallow this truth. Bitter, isn’t it?

Chu’s FB post has been getting more than 10K shares, 18,454 reactions and 2,325 comments.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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