Manila Bulletin editor writes open letter to tell Grace Poe she’s blaming the senator every time she’s late for work

One of President Duterte’s election promises is to solve the monstrous traffic in Metro Manila but he can only do so much without emergency power granted by Congress.

Why Duterte needs emergency power in solving Metro Manila traffic woes?

Here’s what Department of Transportation Undersecretary Anne Lontoc told the senators in the senate hearing presided by Sen. Grace Poe.

“Duterte wants major projects exempted from existing procurement procedures to move projects faster and this would not be possible without special authority.”

“Talaga pong kailangan, madami pa procurement na kailangan gawin, at base sa mga nakaraan, nadedelay mga projects dahil sa procurement, mas maganda kung ma-strengthen natin ang proseso [It’s really necessary. There many procurement projects that need to be made. These were delayed in the past. It would be better if we strengthen the process].” [ABS-CBN News]

If you are stuck in traffic and wants to curse at someone, don’t blame President Duterte, blame Grace Poe instead.

Manila Bulletin lifestyle editor Krizette Laureta Chu ranted on Facebook against Sen. Grace Poe after she got fed up at the senator for sitting on the request of President Duterte to give him emergency power and deliver his promise of solving the Manila traffic in 6 months, if I remember it right.

Obviously annoyed by Grace Poe’s indecisiveness, Chu remarked that if it were up to her, she would have fired Grace Poe a long time ago from job.

Chu used the words “indecisive”, “unthinking”, and “inefficient” to justify why she is blaming Grace Poe for the unsolved traffic in Metro Manila.

Chu advised Sen. Poe to grant emergency power now to Pres. Duterte if she wants to escape the people’s wrath.

Chu said that if granting emergency power to President Duterte and the traffic in Metro Manila remains unsolved in the future, she can easily point fingers at Duterte.

Read the post below.

Dear Grace Poe, just so you know I blame you for this horrendous traffic. For every time I am late not because I dont keep good time but because Ive been used to saving a certain number of hours for my trip, only to see Waze adjusting my ETA for another hour. ANOTHER HOUR! Not minutes, but hour long adjustments!

And dont tell me to leave my home earlier. It is unjust to ask of anyone to prepare three hours for what is, without traffic, a 30 minute trip, and with traffic, an hour and half trip.

I blame you because you are indecisive, unthinking, and inefficient, and because you couldn’t decide swiftly when Duterte asked for emergency powers.

i will remind everyone how incapable you are especially because you’re up for reelection next year and I dont want to pay you anymore with my tax money. If it were up to me Id have fired you long ago.

Now if you don’t want the blame and the wrath of the Filipino people, and want to transfer the blame on someone else, then give Duterte emergency powers, so that if it doesn’t work out, you are off the hook and we can blame the President himself.

Sobrang pahirap.

Here’s what the social media thinks of Chu’s FB post.

Ethel Pineda

Hemming and hawing.
Can’t make up her mind because she’s always protecting her political capital.

And that’s her undoing. People must remember this, every time they get stuck in traffic.

Tom Berenguer

Sali ako dyan Krizette. I will also campaign against her. She just sat on solutions to the traffic problem. Mahina talaga. She doesn’t deserve being there. There is someone out there more deserving.

Nicky Ceralvo

Indeed. I will not forget also. Hahabulin ko yang Grace Poe sa utang nyang emergency powers.

Aris Ramoneda

She didn’t want to do it because she knows duterte will deliver. Ayaw nila nun eh hehe

Your thoughts?

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