Manila Bulletin opinion writer’s bold prediction re PRRD successor: “Isang moderately pro-admin (Pro-PRRD) ang may best shot sa 2022”

The 2022 Presidential election is still far away but some politics-crazy Filipinos are now talking about President Duterte’s successor when he steps down in 2022.

RJ Nieti aka Thinking Pinoy are one of the social media influencers and journalists who wants to start the ball rolling in terms of, who will succeed Digong.

In a Facebook post, Thinking Pinoy boldly predicted that a moderately pro-admin (Pro-PRRD) who will have a best shot in the 2022 presidential election.

Why? Because there is going to be emergence of public discontent over some of PRRD’s top appointees.

Thinking Pinoy arrived with the conclusion by observing the comments and emails he received from his followers, which he called swing voters.

Thinking Pinoy remarked that has made significant strides compared to the Aquinos admins, but there are, of course, still a lot of ways to improve.

You may read the full article below to know who Thinking Pinoy thinks will succeed PRRD in 2022.


May general feeling ako na isang moderately pro-admin (Pro-PRRD) ang may best shot sa 2022 kasi may emergence ng discontent ng tao over some of PRRDs top appointees.

Napansin ko kasi sa mga comments and emails ng followers ko, na mainly e mga swing voters.

Parang ganito: keri naman ang PRRD admin in general pero we all know na may mga parts pa rin na sablay.

Ang feeling ko, ang may best chance at succeeding PRRD is someone who supports him BUT is willing to improve on what he started. In short, moderate pro-Duterte.

Kung rabidly pro-Duterte kasi, may risk na ang arrive e he will continue everything that’s happening today, regardless kung right or wrong.

Don’t get me wrong: improvement na ang administration na to compared to the Aquinos, but there are, of course, still a lot of ways to improve.

Yun lang.

P. S. Inday is moderately pro-Digong. She is not die-hard pro-Digong. I think the same goes for BBM. So pareho silang moderate.

P.P.S. I doubt na tatakbo si Tugade at Isko. Tugade I think isn’t interested while Isko, masyado pa maaga

What do you think?

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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