Manila Bulletin writer appeals to netizens – share post to spite Yellows and ruin their negative narratives re SEA Games hosting fails

In the midst of negative reporting and slanted news circulating on social media highlighting “horror” stories of athletes visiting the Philippines for the SEA Games, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu asked a small favor from netizens.

In a Facebook post, Chu asked netizens to share this particular post to reach the Yellows who will get mad at her again for researching and posting and ruining their narrative. 😢😢 Chu elaborated that it was the real story behind Cambodian athletes not accommodated asap by their hotel.

Chu declared she was not defending the Duterte admin before they go mad out of anger. Said it was Century Park who issued the clarification and she was merely sharing it, if it’s okay for the Dilawans.

Century Park Hotel Manila’s official statement as to why Cambodia team
not accommodated ASAP.

Pls share to reach the Yellows who will get mad at me na naman for researching and posting and ruining their narrative. 😢😢

Hindi ako nag dedefend ha… Baka na naman maulol kayo sa galit. Si Century Park ang nagpapaliwanag, ni share ko lang. OK lang? Kung ok lang sa inyo?

Check out the official statement of Century Park Hotel re late accommodation of Cambodian team.

Your reaction?

Netizens have offered varied reactions in regard to Century Park’s official statement and based on their comments, netizens are satisfied with the statement.

“I believe them regarding hotel industry standard hahaha its way better than LP’s standard. Expert talaga sila pagdating sa guests problem solving. 😊😊 Alam kong mas maiging mag-alaga ng guests ang mga Pinoy.👏😊”

A netizen who used to work in the hotel industry confirmed Century Park’s statement. “It’s very loud and clear sa statement Ng hotel,ano problema nila dun? Ang linaw Naman Ng message, tanga na lang Ang di makaintindi Nyan. been a part of hotel industry business,nagtrabaho ako sa 5 Star hotel dati sa Manila at Ang guest is our main priority,ano ba problema Ng mga mapag usisa na yan eh ginawa Naman Ng century park hotel Ang dapat at standard protocol.. hayy naku,magkaisa na Lang po Tayo kasi Ang tagumpay nito ay kapanginabangan Ng bansa… “

Meanwhile, some netizens slammed Century Park for not anticipating the glitches to prevent this from happening. “Wow hanep hindi ba na anticipate ng organizers na iba iba ng oras dating ng teams host country tayo tapos agreement nila sa hotel regular check in time huwaw.”

Source: Krizette Chu

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