Manila Bulletin writer asks Marcos supporters not react to PRRD’s tirade vs BBM, says PRRD has done a lot for the country, the Marcoses

Krizette Laureta Chu aka KLC, social media influencer and Manila Bulletin writer, issued an impassioned plea on Facebook to BBM supporters who are also Duterte supporters but now, some are having ‘tampo’ at President Duterte for his unexpected tantrums towards BBM lately.

In the FB post, KLC reminded the BBM supporters that the Marcoses owe a lot of things of PRRD, therefore out respect for what the old man did to the Marcoses, the least they can do is to ignore, make whatever hurtful words they hear from the old man to simply let it slide or pass from one to ear to the other.

KLC said all she asks is a small favor for all the great things the old man (PRRD) has given us during the 5 or so 6 years.

You may now read KLC’s full FB post below and please comment below how you take KLC’s earnest plea.

Ilang dekada sa public service si BBM but he was never able to change the dominant Yellow narrative.

He couldn’t move past his Senate seat because the narrative of the Yellows of the Aquino was the overwhelming story.

Only Duterte changed that narrative successfully. Maraming nagising pati kami na mga anti Marcos. So Duterte paved the way for a Marcos to return to Malacanang.

You can deny that kasi defensive kayo but the facts are there.

Kaya Kahit hindi nyo iboto si Bong Go, irespeto nyo nalang si PRRD at wag nyo ng balahurain. Kung mag ngawngaw siya pasok isang tenga labas sa isang tenga. Hayaan niyo sya mag ngawngaw kasi Wala namang effect yun—and it won’t change your support for BBM, but it would turn off many pro Dutertes shifting towards BBM if you keep insulting the one man who delivered so many things for the Philippines. And you’re insulting the father of the VP your President is in tandem with.

Hayaan nyo sya. Wag nyo patulan. Wag nyo saktan. Wag nyo insultuhin. Wag nyo pakinggan kung nasasaktan kayo.

Maliit na bagay na hinihingi para sa lahat ng binigay nya sa atin.

As of this writing, KLC’s FB post has generated 15,899 reactions, 3,200+ comments and 937 shares in just 9 hours and still counting.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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