Manila Bulletin writer asks Risa Hontiveros amid senator’s China fear-mongering statement: “Diversionary much? Why no noise about the water issue?”

After Senator Risa Hontiveros China raises the alarm regarding the number of energy-related projects granted to Chinese corporations, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has taken to Facebook to dismiss the senator’s fear as nothing but a diversionary tactics from the water issue?

Chu with an emphatic tone said the Chinese have been in charge of our power grid since the time of Gloria Macalagay Arroyo.

Chu couldn’t help but ask Hontiveros why raise the only now?

Chu went on to ask Hontiveros on her opinion regarding some Filipinos (oligarchs) demanding P10-billion from the government for f*cking water?

Chu followed it up with a series of questions suggesting the Senator is protecting the interest of the water concessionaires by issuing statements meant to divert public anger from them.

You may read the brief and original FB post below of Krizette Laureta Chu.

Dear Senator Risa Hontiveros Risa Hontiveros Senator Risa Hontiveros, China has been in charge since the time of Gloria Macalagay Arroyo of our power grid.

So why is this an issue to you only now?

What can you say about our fellow Filipinos who are demanding P10 billion from the government for FUCKING water?

Diversionary much? Why no noise about the water issue? Talagang Chinese na naman pupuntiryahin mo?

Netizens have offered their various remark on the Hontiveros statement and majority of them aren’t happy with the Senator.

One netizen remarked that Hontiveros statement was copy straight from Dilawan’s playbook.

Galawang dilawan yung china issue pwede nila ipang divert kasi di na nila magamit abusayaf at naka martial law sa mindanao kung kapanahunan nila yan palalabasin na nila abusayaf para mangidnap ng foreigner 😁😁😁😁😁

Another netizen lamented the Senator’s no appreciation of the value of public bidding. “Sen. Risa does not appreciate the value of a public bidding. She just wants a politically motivated and racist witch hunt. Now back to the Water issue…”

One netizen explained that Hontiveros is hitting China because she did not receive money from them but that is not same with the Oligarchs. “Its bc china has not given her any money…unlike the oligarchs who have given her millions.”

Your comment?

Source: Krizette Chu

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