Manila Bulletin writer beats Dilawan influencer to a pulp, figuratively speaking, who shit on Salamat PRRD because it trended on Twitter

Dilawan influencer Francis Baraan IV was shitting on the #SalamatPRRD on Twitter after Quirino Grandstand event trended by asking the Duterte supporters for what reasons we are thankful to PRRD?

For the EJKs, for normalizing misogyny, for jailing dissenters? For the lies and fake news? Without Leni, it would have been unbearable 6 years. Hence, we should be thankful to Leni Robredo not Duterte, Baraan tweeted.

Baraan’s viral tweet did not fail to atrract the attention of pro-Duterte social media influencer of the Manila Bulletin Krizette Laureta Chu who retaliated with her own wicked response to Baraan’s swipe at PRRD on Twitter.

Chu replied that the only reason the DDS are thanking PRRD is that he did not shit on his bed in Malacanang in the last 6 years. Meanwhile, there are those who shit on their bed even if they slept on it for one night. She clarified though that her swipe that PRRD did not shit on his Malacanang bed but somebody did is not politics-related.

The only reason nagpapasalamat kami kay PRRD is di sya nag iwan ng tae sa kama nya sa Malacanang for the entire 6 years. Yung Iba one night only pero nag iiwan ng tae sa kama. Yun lang, not politics-related.

Baraan wasted no time in replying to Krizette’s FB post and commented on the thread:

Krizzy, you crack me up. For someone who is supposed to be a bonafide journalist, you seem to have a proclivity for parroting the fake news started by actual fake news peddlers. LOL. Hilarious!😂🇵🇭🙏🙃

Chu replied to Baraan’s comment and denied she was peddling fake news about PRRD not shitting all over his bed. She also chided Baraan for telling her what to do while accusing Baraan of just being jealous. She turned the table around and dared Baraan to organize Salamat Leni and use his own money.

Francis Baraan IV what’s fake news here, franky? I’m just saying we’re just happy he didn’t sh*t all over his bed. By the way, Bakit ka pala nakiki alam sa effort ko sa Salamat PRRD? Bakit Hindi ka nalang gumawa ng Salamat Leni? Bakit “dapat pasalamatan si Leni”? Who are you to tell me who to thank? If I want to thank him and not Leni, what’s it to you? Is this government funded? Can you prove that the government spent for the event? Your dad made more money than my dad—I’m very sure of it—so why not spend your own money to thank who you want to thank instead of asking why we think Duterte deserves to be thanked. Sino ka naman para maging accountable kami sayo? For someone who’s supposedly educated, you’re ignorant. And inggitero. Your parents didn’t raise you well. Maybe they were busy with other things.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu 

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