Manila Bulletin writer belittles Lacson entry in presidential derby, says 2022 clash of two ideas: continuity vs change

Manila Bulletin writer and socmed influencer Krizette Laureta Chu has taken to Facebook to give her two-cents worth on Senators Lacson and Sotto tandem for the 2022 national election.

Chu began saying though she’s stupid at Math but she knows Lacson running means the chances of the Opposition to score an upset win over the presumptive presidential admin bet Mayor Sara Duterte is getting slimmer and slimmer.

“I’m stupid at Math and even I get it.”

Chu said Ping Lacson running is a welcome news for DDS. First, he will be taking away what few votes the Opposition bet are expecting to get.

“Ping Lacson running is good news for the DDS. He has always been Opposition-leaning, so he will be taking away from what very few votes the Opposition standard bearer like Leni Robredo are expecting to get.”

Chu dismissed the notion Pacquiao will divide the Mindanao vote should he throw his hat in the presidential derby. In fact, Chu said that Pacquiao turning Opposition will make it easy for DDS to count him out. Pacquiao turning Opposition will further divide the votes among Opposition hopefuls.

“Manny Pacquiao suddenly turning Opposition has made it easy for the Duterte supporters or even Mindanaoans to discount him. He is now counted as Opposition, and will further divide them.”

Chu argued that the voters in 2022 will basically choose between two school of thoughts: those who are happy with Duterte and those who are not and want a different direction.

“In the end, the voting public will be divided among two major segments: Those who are happy with Duterte and want continuity, and those who are not and want change.”

Chu said that the admin bet will have to make do of their 90% support from Duterte supporters happy with PRRD’s leadership.

“Those who are happy with Duterte will vote Sara or if she doesn’t run, BBM, or if they don’t run, whoever Duterte will endorse. Basically, it will be a very solid vote among the 90 percent happy with Duterte.”

Chu went on to break the bad news to the Opposition bets in the 2022 election.

“Those who are not happy with Duterte will be dividing their votes among Leni, Pacquiao, Isko, and now Lacson.”

Chu assured the Duterte supporters that the Opposition are reduced to being bottom of the barrel scraper and shouldn’t worry about them.

“Basically those who are supporters of the President shouldn’t worry about the antis and the critics fielding candidates, because they’re scrambling for the latak. They’re dividing among themselves the minority.”

The bad news is when Sara and BBM go head to head or Sara vs BG or even BG vs BBM. The only consolation is, whoever gets President Duterte’s blessing will emerge the winner.

“We should worry if Sara and BBM go head to head, or Sara vs BG, or even BG vs BBM. Because that situation will reflect on whoever decides to be the standard bearer of the admin.”

“I am bad at numbers and even I can figure this out,” Chu said in self-deprecating manner.

Chu remarked that the 2022 election will mark as the first time that the election is not personality-centered fight but a clash between two opposing ideas.

“For the first time in our voting history, It’s not a personality- centered fight. It’s only between continuity vs change. So we who are pro admin should make sure the CONTINUITY banner is only held up by one candidate. That’s it.”

“Sige mga tanga dumami pa kayong Opposition presidential candidates 🙂 Chu taunted the Opposition presidential aspirants to officially announce their intention to join the presidential derby.


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