Manila Bulletin writer breaks bad news to SP Tito Sotto after he refused to hand in Trillanes to arresting officers in the senate

As per CNN Philippines social media post, Trillanes has been taken under the custody of Senate President Vicente Sotto III, thus preventing the authorities from arresting the senator.

Sotto’s move has been taken not so well by pro-Duterte social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu who took to Facebook to cajole Sotto to revoke his earlier order.

Otherwise, Chu warned, Sotto will add the long list of Duterte supporters as his haters.

In the open letter, Chu reminded Sotto that if he thinks the “disente” and the Yellows will suddenly find him respectable (and will respect you) for holding on to Trillanes, he is wrong.

Chu added that the Yellows will always look at Sotto as a noontime show host, forever be associated with Pepsi Paloma and not given the respect the Yellows accorded to Drilon.

Chu also reminded Sotto how the Yellows called him SEVEN DEADLY SENS after he refused to sign the resolution calling for government to stop extra-judicial killings.

Please read the full post below.

Dear Vicente Tito Sotto, If you think the “disente” and the Yellows will suddenly find you respectable (and will respect you) for holding on to Trillanes, you’re wrong.

For them, you’ll always be a noontime show host who will forever be connected to Pepsi Paloma. You will never be acceptable to them. You will not be given the respect they accord trapos like Franklin Drilon. You’re just Tito Sotto, not Senate President Sotto. For them, you will never be worthy.

Remember, they called you SEVEN DEADLY SENS, or something inane like that? Yes, you are severely hated by the Yellows and that will never change.

You’re just wasting your political capital. They will never like you nor accept you nor even acknowledge your position.


Now that we’re clear on that, hurry up and give up Trillanes so you don’t add the Duterte supporters (and Trillanes haters) to a long list of people who hate you.

Can I get an AMEN, brothers and sisters.


Juan Miguel Zubiri

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