Manila Bulletin writer calls “divorce bill” Duterte the misogynist’s greatest gift for all women trapped in abusive relationships

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu welcomed the news that the bill legalizing absolute divorce gets the nod of the Lower House panel in her FB post.

Chu wished that the divorce bill will become a law before President Duterte steps down. She said the divorce bill if it becomes a law will be Duterte’s greatest gift for all women who are trapped in abusive relationships etc. In case you don’t remember, women groups who are anti-Duterte referred Duterte as misogynist – a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

Sana umusad agad and maging law before Duterte steps down. It will be this misogynist’s greatest gift for all women trapped in abusive relationships, women who have been cheated on, and for men who are abused by b!tches, men whose wives blow their money while they work abroad. Ang ayaw magpa divorce wag magpa divorce. Walang hahadlang kasi hindi nyo naman alam ang pait ng buhay ng mga trapped in miserable marriages.

Chu said if there is a president who can make divorce law possible in the Philippines, it is but President Duterte alone.

Isa pa, si Duterte lang ang hindi takot sa Catholic Church. The leaders after him will be too scared of the Catholic Church to pursue this.

Netizens who read Chu’s post have a mixed reactions on the divorce bill.

One group of netizens welcome the possibility of the divorce a reality with open arms.

This is long overdue! There’s only two countries in the world that has no divorce – Vatican and the Philippines. My lawyer confirmed this when we have to go through such costly process for my Mom’s immigration. Pass the law for others whose still enduring!

Hopefully before he end his term and his legacy. If he is really pro on woman advocacy and rights. Then he should approve the bill.

True Ms Krizette Laureta Chu I will 100% support this. Hopefully maging batas before PRRD step-down.

The other group isn’t too happy with the possibility of the divorce bill passed into law.

Big no. Why getting married in the first place if the solution to the dis agreement of both party is divorce? Y not the living in or live in it’s less gastos less hassle, less abala sa gobyerno at simbahan.

what about it’s effect on the kids?!? is the divorce bill ready to address the litigations on child custody and it’s psychological impact on them?!?

While some thinks Pacquiao or Duterte will stop it from becoming a law.

It will not happen as long as Pacquiao is in the senate. His religion will continue to make women suffer in an abusive relationship.

I believe Digong will veto the divorce bill. Nasabi niya before that divorce will further divide families. Mashado pa siguro maaga for divorce.


Source: Krizette Chu

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