Manila Bulletin writer calls out ABS-CBN for “biased” headline re FEU booter k!lled in IED mine blast

An obviously irate Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu called out ABS-CBN following its news article which the former deemed very biased against the PNP in general and the policemen in particular.

Chu was apparently referring to the Masbate incident involving a promising young FET booter who perished in the IED mine blast while biking with an Uncle who also died and a cousin. The police blamed the NPAs but ABS-CBN did not mention it because according to Chu, it will lend credence to the government’s aggressive anti-communist terrorist group drive.

“Yung pinatay sya ng mga NPA pero ang headline e “passes away,” kasi saying that the NPA murdered him gives credence to the government’s aggressive fight against the armed communists.”

Chu complained that when a policeman killed an NPA in armed encounter, their headline screams that the NPA was killed by policemen. However, when an NPA is the alleged culprit, they just state it inside the body text.

“Pero pag pinatay ng pulis sa engkwentro, “killed by policemen,” screaming in the headline. Pag NPA ang may kasalanan sa pagpa sabog, eh sa body text lang para uninteresting yung headline.”

“NAKAKAGIGIL. Subtle misdirection, mga ganyang nuances, is how they play it to protect their narrative,” a livid Chu remarked.

Chu showed ABS-CBN how to write a fair and balanced headline by giving a few examples below.

Sabihin natin na hindi sigurado na NPA ang nag plant ng bomb device eh di gamitin ang word na TERRORIST ATTACK by what authorities believe is by the NPA. Kasi pag pulis naman kahit Hindi EJK, EJK agad. Pero pag NPA, may benefit of the daw? Pwede namang, “Kieth Absalon, dead in apparent terrorist attack by NPA.” Or “Keith Absalon dies in terrorist attack.”

“Ayaw pa aminin na TAMA ANG GOBYERNO,” Chu quipped.

Doing so, Chu remarked, is an outright endorsement to the government’s relentless drive against the NPA terrorists.


Chu lauded ABS-CBN for swallowing its pride by editing its earlier news report re Masbate IED mine blast.

“PS: In the interest of fairness, there was a follow up report from ABS CBN that says he was killed by an IED allegedly planted by the NPA.”

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 14,838 reactions, 4,100+ shares and 1,200 comments and counting.

Edit: NPA’s indirect admission that it was involved in IED blast in Masbate that killed FEU footballer Keith Absalon.



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