Manila Bulletin writer challenges Atty. Barry Gutierrez’s to cite landmark cases Robredo won to deserve “extraordinary lawyer” remarks

Atty. Barry Gutierrez, Spox of the Office of the Vice President, issued an eyebrow-raising statement recently by describing VP Leni Robredo as an extraordinary lawyer.

Atty. Gutierrez was reacting to Senator Imee Marcos who complimented the vice president by calling her an extraordinary housewife.

Krizette Laureta Chu, Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer, wasted no time and challenged Atty. Barry Gutierrez’s assertion that Robredo is an extraordinary lawyer, asking Robredo’s Spox to cite landmark cases that she won.

Chu conceded that the country has thousands of good lawyers but as far as she is concerned, only a few are extraordinary ones. Chu asked Atty. Gutierrez what made him say that Robredo is extraordinary in the level of Atty. Estelito Mendoza?

Chu said she had done her research and came up with 5 bare minimum skills that makes a great lawyer.

Based on the those 5 minimum skills, Chu asked Atty. Gutierrez why is Leni Robredo an extraordinary lawyer to him?

You may read Chu’s original FB post below.

Hi, curious. What makes Leni Robredo an “extraordinary lawyer?” What cases have she won that are considered landmark cases?

There are thousands of good lawyers in the PH, but very few extraordinary ones. So what made her extraordinary in the level of Estelito Mendoza—who to me is an example of an extraordinary lawyer?

I’ve been reading and these are the 5 BARE MINIMUM skills a great lawyer should have:

  1. Analytical thinking
  2. Oral communication skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Good business sense
  5. Interpersonal skills

Based on those, why is Leni Robredo an “extraordinary” lawyer, Barry Gutierrez?

Thank you

While waiting for Atty. Barry’s reply to Chu’s question, let us entertain ourselves by reading the witty comments below from netizens.

Extraordinary siya kasi siya lang ang nakakaintindi sa sarili niya, one netizen wrote.

She has extra-ordinary skill set. She can give you an instant migraine, confusion, and also put you to sleep while listening to her speech. Amazeballs🤣 joked another netizen.

Barry doesn’t get it. It was a satirical statement from Imee when she described Leni Robredo. When you are highly praised by someone even if the obvious is the opposite, you better think twice before saying thank you. If you appreciate the gesture, it just validates the satirical purpose of the statement. Bagay ka nga sa amo mo, Barry! 😂one netizen answered in a serious tone.

EXTRAORDINARY LAWYER… because she is the lawyer who has trouble defining lawful from unlawful, and very redundant to boot… repeating herself most of the time, as if she is trying to convince herself that what she is saying is true…chimed in another.

She is extraordinary because as a lawyer she never lose a case…never won a case…never had a case...commented another netizen.

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 7,419 reactions, 967 comments and 295 shares in just 8 hours and counting.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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