Manila Bulletin writer chides incoming Marcos appointees for tactless remarks that appears to throw their Boss under the bus

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu isn’t a super fan of President-elect BBM.

In fact, she only voted for him in the last election because she does not want Leni Robredo to become PRRD’s successor.

But when the President-elect’s appointees appear to be throwing the new President under the bus by not exercising circumspect in their statements to the press, she can’t help but call out the new appointees on Facebook to let them know they are doing a disservice to their Boss.

You may now read Ms. Chu’s FB post to understand what I am trying to say.

“Puwede ba maging role model kayo? The Marcoses will now pay their taxes, because nag-comply sa batas, it came from the Supreme Court, it’s final and executory.’ ‘Yun lang naman ang sasabihin ko sa kanya, pero I should have the correct data. I should know what really is in that decision.”

My wish is that incoming government heads like BIR chief Lilia Guillermo (and Prof Clarita Carlos) will be more circumspect in their statements to the press just in case it seems like they’re throwing the new President under the bus. You can just say, “I cannot comment until I have reviewed all the details of the case,” instead of “Pwede ba maging role model kayo.” Because that may come off—or be twisted by critics as—inferring that he isn’t.

I personally believe that as a government employee, you don’t have to like the President you work for (not that I’m saying she doesn’t ha, just a matter of example), because it’s the country you are serving, not him. But for the sake of a united front, and a country that’s solid, you accord respect to the President. You can’t destabilize from within. If you can’t stomach the system that’s when you leave.

When you work for government dapat super duper tactful ka kasi everything you say reflects on the government you work for.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu


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