Manila Bulletin writer demands “morality guide” from anyone to better understand Leni and sanctimonious pinks more. Read why!

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu is taking a swipe at her fellow anti-Marcos for their double standard when it comes to the Marcoses.

So in her latest FB post, Chu posed a question from the perspective of an anti-Marcos.

May question ako, as an anti Marcos.

Chu remarked that Leni and her supporters hate the Marcos because he was a thief and a criminal. Not BBM.

Si Leni and supporters ayaw kay Marcos kasi magnanakaw daw at kriminal. Si BBM ha, not the father.

However, Chu pointed out the irony because of the makeup of Leni’s senate lineup.

Pero sa Senate lineup ni Mama merong may kaso ng corruption at drugs.

At this juncture, Chu put her fellow anti-Marcos in the corner by asking for explanation regarding the basis of categorizing stealing that is acceptable and what isn’t?

Mga fellow anti Marcos, pa explain: Ano yung basehan at category sa nakaw na acceptable?

Chu went to cite an example to make herself very clear.

Pag Kunyari Lang—just a figure I pull out of nowhere—Is a 1 billion peso building and drug transactions when you’re the literal official tasked to protect the country from drugs is more acceptable than, say, buying Monet paintings and diamonds or closing entire stores when shopping?

Chu demanded a morality guide from any volunteer to better understand Leni and fellow Pinks.

I need a morality guide so I can understand Leni and the Pinks more. Pakilatag ng morality guide pls ty

I’m trying to open my mind kasi on whom to vote for, Chu wrote.

Chu’s post has angered some BBM supporters but many were fine with it because they saw sarcasm was written all over it.

The context is misleading she’s a hardcore yelo before becoming duterte supporter, whatever persuasion won’t change her mind. So what’s the point? One netizen asked.

E vote mo na lang po uli si Leni, mam tulad noong 2016. Kahit anong latag naman, mama mo nga hindi sapat para maliwanagan ka kahit paano kung saan ka papanig… ibang tao pa kaya…Yung nakita mo na kung anong klase mamahala si leni at nakita mo na yung character at ability, nasa choice mo pa rin siya bilang pangulo? Ay, ewan ko na lang iyan…another irate netizen commented.

Wag munang pahirapan sarili mo Madam..Si Leni na lang I boto mo kasi anti Marcos ka naman eh😃😄remarked another.


When you’re a hardcore duterte supporter and then a BBM supporter, you willUnderstand this.Pero kung Leni supporter ka na nagkukunwaring BBM supporter, uusok ung ilong mo

IM PRO BBM AND I UNDERSTAND KRIZETTE’S SARCASM😂She just want to insult pinklawans


Source: Krizette Chu

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