Manila Bulletin writer drags Trillanes’ son in social media war after outgoing senator urged KAPA members to file impeachment case vs. PRRD?

Manila Bulletin writer and social media blogger Krizette Laureta literally goes ballistic after outgoing Senator Trillanes urged KAPA members to file an impeachment case versus PRRD.

Chu remarked that she expected the LP and the likes of Trillanes to ride on the issue of the KAPA brouhaha but to go down this low is simply obnoxious.

In a fit of anger, Chu couldn’t control herself and went on a cussing spree versus the outgoing senator.

Chu didn’t stop here and went on to drag Trillanes’ son in retaliation for what his Dad did to the Duterte family, especially the 14-year-old Kitty.

Chu ordered Trillanes’ son to tell his father how a worthless persons his Dad was.

Chu remarked that if Trillanes were on fire and she has water, she would drink the water in front of Trillanes slowly.

Chu ended the post addressing Trillanes’ son, telling him how stupid his father was. Chu said this is the legacy outgoing Senator Trillanes is leaving his son with. Even the illegal Ponzi scheme is ok for him. Chu said he is gross.

You may read Krizette Laureta Chu’s full FB post now.

Alam naman nating sasakyan ng Opposition ang KAPA issue.

Pero for Trillanes to encourage KAPA members to file impeachment against the President who only wants to protect them? Putang ina mo talaga TRILLANES. Di ko sya matag kaya pakisabi na Lang sa Tatay mo Gago siya, Francis Seth Trillanes. (What, dinadamay ng Tatay mo lahat ng kapamilya ng pangulo, wag kang umarte kung naka tag ka. Di kita inaaway, pinapasabi ko lang. Si Kitty nga 14 pa lang, dinadamay na. Ikaw at least matanda ka na at hindi na minor.)


And although it’s mean to wish him ill, if he were on fire and I have water, I’ll drink it slowly in front of him.

GAGO TATAY MO, SABIHIN MO. WALA SYANG KWENTA. This is the legacy he’s leaving you with. Pati illegal na Ponzi scheme ok lang sa kanya. KADIRI.

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