Manila Bulletin writer hits Drilon, wokes silence on P50-M egg sculpture in NAIA (demolished later) but screams of extravagance re SEA Games cauldron

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu couldn’t help but took a jab at Senator Drilon and LP wokes who are denouncing the P55-million SEA Games cauldron of the Duterte admin but eerily silent when the egg sculpture in NAIA was built.

Chu said Drilon’s and LP’s silence is pure hypocrisy because the the egg sculpture in NAIA called the Circulo del Mundo was built at the cost of P50-million to the government and yet there was no outcry that rivals the magnitude of their cry of protest re Duterte admin’s SEA Games cauldron.

Chu said that the Circulo del Mundo did not consume fire or the technology to keep fire burning for days without melting the structure unlike the much-maligned SEA Games cauldron built under the Duterte administration.

Chu wrote the Circulo del Mundo was not even built for the SEA Games and joked that someone thought of building such structure on a whim.

Chu joked the LP wokes didn’t protest then because we were richer, and allowance from Papa and Mama was still there, our athletes in 2010 wore sports jackets made of cashmere, played or practiced in indoor stadium and dorm beds were Sealy?

Unfortunately, Chu said the wokes were still non-existent in 2010, so that explains their silence.

Chu ended the brief post with a warning to the LP and the wokes to refrain from acting like they’re immaculate clean because she hasn’t started making a list of their sins against the country.

You may read Krizette Chu’s original FB post below.

The egg sculpture in NAIA called the Circulo Del Mundo was P50 M.

Was Chu correct? Well, this was confirmed by Bayani Fernando, the MMDA Chairman at the time it was built in 2010.

At this juncture, Chu began taunting the woke millenials who are very noisy on social media criticizing the SEA Games cauldron.

The egg sculpture in NAIA called the Circulo Del Mundo was P50 M.

Hindi pa kumakain ng apoy yan. Hindi pa yan with technology to keep fire burning for days without melting the structure. Hindi pa yan pang SEAGAMES. Naisipan lang yan.


O ano, nagmamagaling kayo? eh bat dati walang nag iingay at pa woke? So mayaman tayo bale dati? May pa allowance pa si Mama at Papa? So bale nung 2010 yung mga athetes natin mala Hulk (Hogan) sa galing tapos cashmere ang mga sports jacket at may mga indoor stadium tapos Sealy ang mga kama sa mga dorms nila ganern?


Hindi pa kami nagsisimula maglista ng mga kawalanghiyaan ninyo. Tapos nagmamalinis kayo ngayon?


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Source: Krizette Chu

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