Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu on Yorme: “ISKO MORENO HAS LOST HIS LUSTER”. Read why!


This is the bold statement of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu on Yorme Isko.

Chu explained why she made such statement because she noted that people who are on the fence before about Yorme are now certain they don’t like him.

“Many people who were once ambivalent about Isko Moreno have decided that they don’t like him because he committed a grievous mistake that most Filipinos raised in the culture of “Mano po” and respect to the elders feel offended with.”

Chu confessed that she was one of those who many times heaped praises Yorme for the things he did especially in the early part of his term. However, she confessed that what broke the camel’s back was when he brushed off Duterte’s remarks at the SONA as “ngawngaw ng ngawngaw”

“I’m one of those people. I have many times praised the things he did—especially in the beginning of his term—but I’ve also realized that many basic issues have been ignored and neglected. But here’s the deciding factor. He just brushed off Duterte’s remarks at the SONA, which didn’t even mention him or the city, as ‘ngawngaw ng ngawngaw.’ You don’t say that to an old man if you want citizens to respect you.”

Chu, a self-confessed Duterte supporter, said she’s okay to criticize the President. Her beef is, like many Duterte supporters, when the criticism gets very personal just like what Yorme Isko did.

“Coming from a Duterte supporter, it is okay to criticize the President. Seriously, it is. I know many of us get defensive and easily pressed but we know it’s par for the course. Lacson criticizes him a lot. Gordon criticizes him. Miguel Zubiri, too. Even Jojo Binay. But they stay on topic. They never stoop so low as to be rude to an old man. They call out the government, but I have never heard them personally attack the President.”

“This is why they never get a severe backlash even when they attack the policies of the Duterte admin. They stay professional,” Chu remarked.

Chu called the attention of political strategists what to do now after reading her FB post.

“So to all political strategists, tell your candidates never to disrespect a 74-year-old man who has never attacked you personally.”

On top of that, Chu mentioned other attributes that all political strategists need to stop their clients from exhibiting just like what Isko Moreno exhibited. A mayor whose political track record Chu scoffs at.

“Stop them from exhibiting the kind of arrogance Isko Moreno has exhibited. A mayor with barely 3 years in office, who has had a very lackluster career so far—with less than one-year stints in DSWD and one more government agency.”

“Si Lacson nga hindi ganyan magsalita and he’s proved way more than Isko,” Chu lamented.

Chu can’t help but ask why Isko and other politicians insist on going down the Leni Robredo route because she thought these people are intelligent?

“Why do these people insist on going down the Leni Robredo, Leila de Lima, basically all of LP route? Akala ko ba matatalino itong mga ito?”

Chu warned politicians who are aspiring for higher office not to say “ngaw ngaw” word to President Duterte who enjoys popular support of the public and expect to get away with their reputation intact. She said even her friends who are non-Duterte supporter also say Isko is getting conceited. She can’t help but wonder why Isko is behaving the way he does.

“You don’t say “ngaw ngaw” to an old man who is beloved by the majority of people and expect to get away with your reputation intact. Even non Duterte supporter friends, who are not huge fans but not huge haters too, say Isko is getting too big for his britches. You have to wonder why he’s acting the way he does. Who gives him confidence?”

“HE DOESN’T HAVE THE ERAP CHARM,” Chu asserted. She went on to write a paragraph to explain why she believed Isko is not Erap’s level when it comes to charm.

A friend said, “Maybe he thinks he is popular enough because he is a celebrity who had charm like Estrada.” And I said, “No he doesn’t. He doesn’t have the kind of celebrity Erap had. Erap was a swashbuckling hero in movies who was a real matinee idol and action star and that translated into politics, plus he worked his way to the top. He was mayor for many years, and then senator. And then Vice President. He really did pay his dues. Isko’s movies when he was a celebrity were different. Very, very different. He never really was an action star so he could not bank on his roles to give him a savior image. Plus, Isko acts like he could zoom straight into the Presidency from a three-year mayoralty stint where he has not transformed a city. To be fair to Estrada, he did change San Juan. Duterte changed Davao. Manila’s still Manila except a little prettier with bridge lights. It’s an arrogance you could sense.”

Chu also elaborated why Yorme rubs her the wrong way. As a result, Yorme’s behavior makes him a big turn off. He looks like to her fake and ambitious.

“And what really rubs me the wrong way is that Isko was full of praises for Duterte in the beginning, and the sudden turn around near election really points at ambition more than an organic severing of relationships. Vico and Joy Belmonte, who are not even pro Duterte and did not sing him praises, know their place and has never sad anything personal about the President. Mas nakaka turn off ang ganon. Yung biglang liko. Para ka tuloy plastic na ambisyoso.”

Chu lamented that Yorme figuratively drowned in a glass of water. She went on to ask VP Leni a favor – take Yorme as her running mate and so Yorme lose to whoever runs for VP in the next election because the country needs more humbler leaders.

“How sad, nalunod sa isang basong tubig. VP LENI, you can have him as your running mate. So he doesn’t run in Manila and when he loses to somebody calm like Tito Sotto or whoever, he won’t be in the political scene anymore. We need humbler leaders in this country. Pls do us a favor, VP LENI.”


Source: Krizette Chu

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