Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu says Duterte VP is an assurance BBM we will have peace if he becomes next president

TIME TO CLAMOR FOR A DUTERTE VP This is the realization of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu who has been hoping for Sara Duterte to change her mind and heed the call of the DDS to run for President and file her COC on the last day of the filing among the presidential hopefuls but didn’t.

Chu is convinced now that Sara Duterte isn’t running so she thinks the next best thing is to put pressure on PRRD to postpone his retirement from politics.

I don’t think Sara will substitute, in that case, we should start putting the pressure on PRRD to run as VP. No more Mr Nice Guy. No more stringing us along.

Chu thinks that the Opposition have no chance to cheat of the admin have this.

We have to give them a Presidential-VP-Senatorial slate they have no chance to cheat.

Chu cited her reasons, which are very, very valid, why President Duterte should run as Marcos’ VP.

President Rodrigo Duterte should run as VP. Wag sayangin ang 6 years of hard work. Time to start putting the pressure on him to run so that whoever wins for President—if it’s BBM we will have peace because they don’t want another Duterte as President so they won’t continually try to impeach him, or if an Opposition candidate wins, knock on wood, we will still have our voice and our platform.

Bong Go should stand aside for now as he is still a Senator, and let Duterte run as Vice President asap, Chu argued.

Chu wrapped up the post by reiterating her reason why Duterte as VP is a matter of protecting the country’s security.

This is our only hope because we cannot pin all our hopes on Sara, who will never run and all indications say she’s not running. Yung asa natin sa kanya ang ikakakapahamak natin. Time to be pragmatic and realistic.

As of this writing, 7,180+ seems to agree with Chu’s line of thinking in 9 hours and counting.


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