Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu wishes ABS-CBN to go bankrupt, warns fear mongers they will reap karma in due time

A highly emotionally intense Krizette Laureta Chu wishes news media giant ABS-CBN to go bankrupt and the rest of the fear mongers out of frustration.

You can’t blame people like Krizette to react this way because of their genuine concern for the welfare of the country that may fall on hard times as the power struggle between the oligarchs and the President they hate so much getting uglier and dirtier.

Imagine the impact it creates on the Philippine economy and the ordinary people when an influential news media giant like ABS-CBN publishing fake news (Nestle shutting down because of TRAIN law) apparently to hurt the Duterte administration who has been training its guns so to speak against the Lopez-owned company since assuming Malacanang.

The fake and edited photo showing a small amount of SM Supermarket Taiwan peppers at P1K plus was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, making Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu tempers flare on Facebook.

Krizette opened her Facebook post by joking about people who consumes one (1) sili or chili pepper as part of their meal everyday.

She went on to call fear mongers ‘unpatriotic’ citing ABS-CBN’s fake news that Nestle Philippine is leaving the country.

Krizette lamented the double standards of ABS-CBN who was caught peddling fake news, and simply shrugged it off like its nothing when Nestle is an advertiser.

But when Mocha makes a mistake, these same people makes a big deal out of it when Mocha’s Mayon Volcano mistake will not send foreign investors packing.

Please read the full post below.

Good morning sa mga kumakain ng sili dyan nang isang kilo per day kaya kung makapag fear monger sa presyo ay wagas.

This economic fearmongering–including the fake news that Nestle is leaving the country, and from ABS CBN, a trusted mainstream media source–is so unpatriotic. And ABS shrugged it off like its nothing when Nestle is an advertiser, but these people will make a big deal when Mocha makes a mistake re location of Mayon volcano, when the Mayon volcano mistake will not make investors pull out.

Para lang mag reklamo ang tao kay Duterte, some people would rather scare away investors and panic the people. Imbes magtulungan, you’re happy pa when something goes wrong. And when nothing is wrong, you’d make up things.

Makarma sana kayo. Ma bankrupt sana kayo na kayo lang ang affected habang sumagana ang ibang Pilipino.

Lahat ng nagbubunyi pag may problema, at lahat ng gumagawa ng istorya, you will reap your karma in due time.

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