Manila Bulletin writer lectures Leni Robredo why PH has every right to demand payment from US gov’t re VFA

The supporters of President Duterte are up in arms including social media influencer and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu due to Leni Robredo’s poor choice of language to describe President Duterte telling the US to pay up if they want the VFA to continue.

In a Facebook post, Chu began by clarifying if she heard it right that Robredo used such word when she made the statement? She wondered if the OVP is not allowed to do some research before making such statement?

Chu was curious if Filipinos want our very own VP to choose the US over the Philippines on the issue?

Chu asked the Left whom she described as “pa-woke” and Teddy Casino what can they say now that Leni Robredo is defending the US on the VFA issue.

Chu went on to cite 8 reasons why the Philippines has every right to demand to the US government to pay up for Leni Robredo’s education.

Basically, Chu argued that the US needs the Philippines as much as the Philippines needs them due to the following reasons she mentioned. Foremost of which is that US military presence in the country not only protect their economic interest in Asia but also protect the US from their enemies. Continued presence in the Philippines assures the US that the Philippines will continue to be pro-Americans. Chu cited the latest survey among 14 countries with American military presence and the Philippines came out on top as the country with high favorable opinion towards the US. Chu asked netizens that if the US spends billions of dollars to Japan and South Korea US$5.7 and US$4.5, are we are not worthy to receive such amount from the US? Chu lamented that the Philippines is not even in top eight among countries where the US spends the most money in. She asked where is our dignity if we allow the US to continue shortchanging the country who loves them the most?

Moving forward, Chu can’t help but ask if Leni Robredo was saying this because she wants to gain the favor of Biden, the current US President, and perhaps the US help her secure victory come 2022 election? And in return, Leni and LP will make sure the Philippines is the US puppet once again.

Chu ended the FB rant by reiterating that it came as a shocker to her that Robredo would use the word “extortion” and did this to our country.

You may read the original FB post below.

Hello, VP LENI, excuse Lang ha, but we have every right to demand the US to pay up because:

1. In 2020, the US had a 25 billion dollars cost in overseas bases and deployment. Budget nila yun for the fiscal year.

2. Stronger countries gain from spending, not material benefits, but access to territory and airspace it wouldn’t have if it didn’t have bases. Because of Korea and Japan, the US had Southeast Asian influence during the Cold War.

Because of us, it can protect its interests in the Pacific.

3. US builds “soft power” by influencing the culture of the place it has presence in. We allow them to play a role in our country’s development . Jusko PASAYLOA LORD bakit naman Ganito si Leni. GIGIL AKO

4. In fact out of the 14 countries surveyed the US has presence in, the Philippines has the highest favorable opinion of the US because of their presence in our country. Tapos ayaw pagbayarin? As in tayo yung hindi Nila ginagastusan, tapos tayo yung piñaka HAPPY na may presence sila sa country. It’s an actual survey by the US, look it up. Di bawal mag research.

5. The US department of defense estimates that they spend 4.5 billion dollars in South Korea and 5.7 billion dollars in Japan annually to maintain bases. So tayo ba hindi worthy pagkagastusan.

6. Each host country also spends and has expenditures, including tax waivers, rent, even purchase of arms, etc

7. Out of all the places the US has presence in, tayo ang mahal na mahal sila. Pero wala tayo sa top 8 where they spend money in. KADIRI LOL. They spend most in Germany, but in terms of favoring the US, pang 13 Lang sila sa countries that favor US presence. Sabi nga ni Juan Luna, para tayong mga puta. Ano ba. Wala man Lang tayo sa TOP 8.

8. Tapos sa isang survey ng US, the question was “Is the US military helpful?” Ayan, Philippines na naman ang number one nangunguna sa YES SUPER HELPFUL. Tapos yung Germany where they have the biggest budget 12 percent Lang sa KANILA find the US helpful. KADIRI WALA TAYONG DIGNIDAD


Or sumisipsip Lang ba ngayon sa bagong Biden administration, VP LENI? May kailangan? Pinapakita na if they help make LP win, sure na pagbibigyan at balik tayo sa US tuta status?

I can’t believe you would use the word “extortion,” and do your own country like that. Sobra na talaga.


Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Sunday, February 14, 2021


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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