Manila Bulletin writer, netizens slam Kakampinks after photo of Sumilao farmers sleeping in cold concrete floor makes it on Facebook

The photo of Sumilao farmers sleeping in cold concrete floor scandalized Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu because of shabby treatment accorded by Leni campaign team to their

The shocked Krizette Chu can’t help but accuse the Kakampinks of making a show out of the Sumilao farmers by asking them to walk for 4000 km to Manila, make them sleep in cold concrete floor and then asked for donations from LP/Leni supporters for their basic needs like toiletries and food.

Chu slammed the Kakampinks who all flex their wildflour, hotel accommodations, and starbucks and yet, they couldn’t afford to give the Sumilao farmers a decent place to rest and take care of their needs as soon as they arrived in Manila?

Is it not convincing if they don’t look like oppressed and pitiful if they were made to ride a bus or airplane, provided food and decent shelter without the need to beg for donations? Chu asked.

Chu stated the Leni campaign have a huge budget and then they just treat the Sumilao farmers like this.

Chu was apparently pissed of the campaign team who thought of this idea of turning the farmers into a circus. As if critics won’t believe the Sumilao farmers are pitiful without the photo of the farmers in a very heart-rending sight.

To make a show out of the Sumilao farmers for their campaign rallies, they asked them to walk 4000 km to Manila, make them rest and sleep in cold concrete cement floor, and then beg the LP/Leni supporters for towels soap and other donation for their food. You made them a fucking freak show.

You all flex your wildflour and your hotel accommodations, and your Starbucks and you couldn’t afford to take care of them BEFORE they arrive in Manila?

Di ba aesthetic kung di sila mag mumukhang busabos na kaawa awa pag pinag bus o airplane nyo sila, binigyan ng pagkain, binigyan ng maayos na tulugan at nakakakain na hindi kailangan MAG DONATE for them??

Ang laki laki ng budget ng Leni campaign tapos gaganitohin ninyo.

Bwisit talaga ako sa campaign team na nag isip nito. Ginawa nyong circus. As if di kami maniniwala na kawawa sila sa ginawa nyo.

I hope you lose big time.

Below is the screenshot of the original post of the owner of the photo.

PhilStar said the Sumilao farmers walked 4,000 km from Bukidnon to Manila to carry Robredo to Malacanang.

As far as Rappler is concerned, Chu’s accusation that the Sumilao farmers are being used by the Leni campaign to help her presidential bid is unfair because the Sumilao farmers are doing it as pay back to Robredo for helping them in their land dispute case many years ago. [Rappler]

Here are some of the mixed reactions from netizens.

One netizen from Bukidnon expressed anger of the sight of fellow Bukidnon native being treated by Kakampinks.

I’m from Bukidnon and I am livid. This is how they treat fellow Filipinos!!! They are using them as campaign props and belittling them because they are just mere farmers! Sickening how these so called “decent” people treat others who doesn’t have the same economic status in life.

A second netizen named JC Reyes made a lengthy rebuttal to Krizette Chu’s accusation that the Sumilao farmers were used as props to help Leni’s presidential bid.

This post does not give justice sa lahat ng nagpatuloy sa kanila while asa daan. Namahinga sila ng buong gabi sa santa rosa child formation center(one city before binan, then 7or 8am sila nagstart ulit kinabukasan), i know because we accompanied them there, kung sa binan nga kuha to, namamahinga lang sila pihado. Very hasty generalisation.Walk with them and ask them if they are mistreated. Walk with them and ask them why they volunteered to walk (kesa sa accusation mo that this is only PR).When I was walking with them, kahit silong lang ng puno o ng isang waiting shed ay galak na sa kanila. Kung narinig mo sila magsimula ng sigaw at sundan ng mga taong sumama sa kanila maglakad – mararamdaman mo ang kanilang ipinaglaban.And lastly if they were given above average or lucrative accommodation then their cause would be obviously only POLITICAL. It will defeat their purpose.And yes we asked one of the head farmers saan saan sila nag stay on the road and he answered, sa mga kasamahan namin sa pagsasaka at pangingisda sa ibat ibang parte ng Pilipinas. At kung hindi sa kanila ay sa mga madre sila tumutuloy.So for him to generalize na ganyan sila ituring at sa isang lugar lang ay hindi justice sa mga nagpatuloy sa kanila.And yes volunteers are assisting the farmers along the road at nag aarrange ng mga short program (pahinga na din, kain at siesta like the picture) at ng possible nila matuluyan pero on a voluntary basis lang. Whatever the volunteer can give. And SUMILAO FARMERS TOGETHER WITH BANASI FARMERS AND SOME FISHERFOLKS WHO ARE WITH THEM are more than happy.


Source: Krizette Chu

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