Manila Bulletin writer on Angel Locsin vs. Jimmy Bondoc feud: “Nobody came to Gretchen Fullido’s rescue when she cried sexual harassment versus powers that be in that network”

Grab some popcorn because the Angel Locsin versus Jimmy Bondoc is going to heat up even more as fellow DDS Krizette Laureta Chu runs to the rescue of Bondoc!

ICYMI, PAGCOR Vice President Jimmy Bondoc expressed his sentiment on Facebook saying he was excited to see the shutdown of a major TV network (ABS-CBN) because the company is snake pit where success is based on politics and sexual favors.

Bondoc’s FB post has gone viral and no wonder, it has reached the ears of ABS-CBN artists like Angel Locsin who took to Twitter and responded by borrowing the lines of the singer-songwriter’s song titled “Let Me Be The One.”

Let me be the one to break this news to you so you don’t have to make excuses. The network might not be perfect but for you to be happy about thousands of people losing their jobs is pure evil. Maybe you’re just having a bad day. I will pray for you.

The feud between Bondoc and Locsin did not stop here as fellow artists of Locsin joined the fray.

On that note, fellow DDS Krizette Laureta Chu stepped forward to rescue Jimmy Bondoc from the swarming attack of showbiz peeps.

In a Facebook post, Chu took a jab at Angel Locsin and fellow artists by resurrecting the sexual harassment complaint of Gretchen Pulido versus the powers that be of the network where Locsin belongs.

Chu said that nobody raised a hoot when Gretchen Pulido accused the someone from that network of sexual harassment but quick to react when their livelihood is threatened.

Chu couldn’t help but give a sermon on Facebook saying so little social responsibility and although we like harping about social justice and fighting for others.

In other words, Chu accused Locsin and friends of engaging in selective justice. Lol

You may read Krizette Laureta Chu’s full FB post now.

So many celebrities jumping on Jimmy Bondoc to protect ABS CBN, but nobody came to the rescue of Gretchen Fullido when she talked about how she was sexually harassed by powers that be in the network. All the self proclaimed feminists shut up and looked the other way.

Yan din minsan problema sa ating mga Pilipino, we only speak up when our sources of income or ways of lives are threatened but not when others are abused.

We have so little social responsibility and although we like harping about social justice and fighting for others, we are selective about those that we fight for. Makakadamay ba sa trabaho natin? Makakagawa ba ng gulo? Makakasakit ba sa mga kaibigan natin?

Nakakalungkot lang na ni isa sa mga maiingay ngayon para protektahan ang source of income nila, they didn’t even speak up when one of their own was abused.

Walang #MeToo dito sa Pilipinas. Bahala ka sa buhay mo, breadwinner ako ng pamilya ang peg natin dito.

The real victim mentality in the PH is thinking malaki ang utang na loob mo sa isang company when in truth it’s a symbiotic relationship and they benefited from you a lot too.

I hope one day the pa Woke becomes real woke.

In a follow-up Facebook post, Chu claried she had nothing personal versus ABS-CBN but should instead ask how many of those ABS-CBN employees are regular and how many are contractual.

Chu continued that if indeed Locsin is really sincere, a good place to start is to fight for the welfare of the people working for ABS-CBN because as far as Chu have heard, many people- even editors are contractuals.

I have nothing against ABS CBN, personally (bilang di ako artista lol) but maybe Angel Locsin, whom I love by the way and for whom I have no rancor, who says thousands of people will lose jobs, should ask how many of those people are regular employees and how many are contractual.

Concerned si Angel sa employment ng mga trabahador sa ABS CBN, I hope she takes the time to ask how many of them are regularized and have benefits from the company, because as far as I know many—even editors themselves—are just contractual.

Baka yun muna ang gusto niyang ipaglaban? Maybe she can fight for her home network’s business practices to be standardized and fair across the board?

Many ABS CBN employees know this. Maybe it’s their time to air their concerns, in the time of Duterte, so their concerns can be addressed.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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