Manila Bulletin writer on Grace Poe turning down emergency powers: “You have no faith in people because you probably know corruption yourself.”

Thinkers are doers.

In Tagalog, “Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”.

Remember Susan Roces’ words in a TV ad hitting at former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who narrowly defeated her husband Fernando Poe Jr. in closely-contested presidential election?

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chua threw back Susan Roces’ words, of course with a twist, at Grace Poe after the senator rejected DOTr Secretary Art Tugade’s request to grant emergency powers for PRRD to solve Metro Manila traffic because according to Duterte himself, Poe is afraid of corruption.

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Chu couldn’t resist the temptation to give a brief but a pointed sermon addressed to the sanctimonious Poe in her 12 September 2019 FB post.

President Duterte earlier chided Poe, telling her that not all people in the world are thief.

Chu remarked that she is a firm believer that how you see the world is a reflection of yourself.

In other words, if you think your neighbor is a thief, most likely you are a thief too.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

“Grace, hindi lahat ng tao sa mundo magnanakaw.” RODRIGO DUTERTE to GRACE POE, after Grace turns down emergency power request because she’s afraid of “corruption.”

I’m a big big believer that how you see the world is who you are.

People who are positive think most of the world is positive and everyone is out there to look out for the rest. People who will put one over you see the world as a dirty place, and will anticipate evil before there is any proof, because that’s how they live their lives.

How you see the world is who you are, Grace Poe. You have no faith in people because you probably know corruption yourself. Is this how you really live, Grace? Then know that you are partly responsible for every patient who dies on EDSA and in traffic. Know that, and don’t escape from accountability.

Good luck, this is your legacy.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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