Manila Bulletin writer on Sen. Drilon remarks: “Daming dada ni Drilon ha, considering he supported only one major project, the ICC, tapos marami pang issue”

Senator Drilon’s statement calling the Duterte admin’s highly touted Build, Build, Build program as a dismal failure has stirred figuratively speaking hornet’s nest.

The DDS world was in uproar after Drilon’s statement spread social media like a wild fire.

The social media bloggers who are known staunch Duterte supporters did not a waste a minute to write an appropriate response mocking the zero accomplishments in terms of infrastructures of the previous admin where Drilon played a senior role.

Was Drilon correct in his assessment that the Duterte admin’s Build, Build, Build program is a dismal failure?

To help us answer the question, Manila Bulletin Op-Ed Columnist Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo explain to social media what is Build, Build, Build program of the Duterte admin really?

According to Lamentillo, the BBB program Drilon wants to discredit is composed of thousands of projects meant to connect, facilitate growth in 81 provinces, 18 regions across the country with an estimated cost of about 8 trillion pesos. In DPWH alone, we are currently implementing at least 20,000 projects under the Build Build Build program.

To date, the DPWH under the Build Build Build program have already been completed 9,845 km of roads, 2,709 bridges, 4,536 flood control projects, 82 evacuation centers and 71,803 classrooms.

Out of the thousands of projects under the BBB program, 100 of which are called flagship projects because these are the most important, game-changing projects that will have the biggest impact for many Filipinos.

Lamentillo mentioned the NLEX Harbor Link, The Cavite Laguna Expressway, the Laguna Lake Highway, the Candon City Bypass Road in Ilocos Sur, the Slaughter House Road in Davao City, the Pulilan-Baliuag Diversion Road in Bulacan, the Calapan-Roxas Road in Oriental Mindoro, the Mandaue Causeway Road in Cebu, the Dipolog-Oroquieta Road in Misamis Occidental, the Dumaguete North Road in Negros Oriental, and the Taytay-El Nido Road in Palawan as part of the 100 flagship projects of the BBB program.

Now that we know what is Build, Build, Build program of the Duterte admin, let us focus our attention to the other Manila Bulletin writer, Krizette Chu who wrote emotionally-charged FB post lashing at the senator from Iloilo.

Chu, in her usual fiery manner, wrote that the BBB program is the crown jewel of the Duterte admin and it was expected that the Opposition, led by Drilon will try to discredit this.

Chu compared the BBB program of Duterte to that Marcos building San Juanico bridge but in a grander scale.

Imagine Duterte building more than 20 San Juanico-level Bridges all over the Philippines. (She pointed to the FB post of fellow Manila Bulletin Columnist for reference.)

Chu then changed gear and turned her attention to social media netizens.

She said that if they have seen the photos of New Clark City, the connector bridge of NLEX and SLEX, and all other roads finished and still believe the Opposition,  Chu said they should know they are all resentful, bitter, and non patriotic. “Tanga!” Chu punctuated this by calling those who believed the narrative of the Opposition “stupid.”

Chu remarked that the admin they support has built nothing of this magnitude. The past admins have done nothing of this sort, that was why Chu was incredulous that Drilon had the audacity to attack the hardest working secretaries when he and his LP allies have no credibility in the first place.

Chu can’t help but remark that the Opposition have such high standards when they have none to speak of: “Ang tataas ng standards ha, may achievement?”

Chu now turned her attention at Drilon whom she said supported only one major project, the Iloilo Convention center, but riddled with corruption issues like overpricing as alleged by an Iloilo radio personality. Drilon was absolved in 2015 though.

At ang daming dada ni Drilon ha, considering he supported only one major project, the Iloilo Convention Center, tapos marami pang issue, kabulastugan, super overpriced daw, icharge daw siya ng graft. He was so attacked he charged one Manuel Mejorada with libel for producing evidence of how he benefited from this project. (Drilon was absolved in 2015, but of course.)

Chu ended her rant versus Drilon by telling him that he is not worthy to criticize Build, Build, Build because he was no saint either when he supported one major infra project.

“TAPOS NGAYON DAMING ALAM ABOUT BUILD BUILD BUILD? As if he made one major infra without getting embroiled in issues. ULOL MO DRILON, pinapareho mo lahat sayo.” [Link here]

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