Manila Bulletin writer reacts to critics of President Duterte asking why Chinese tourists from Wuhan allowed to enter PH?

The critics of the Duterte administration has proven once again that because of their hatred, they can’t think rationally.

Exhibit A. Chinese tourist visiting Cebu was earlier reported confined in Cebu hospital for possible Corona Virus infection.

Exhibit B. Duterte haters on social media are asking why the Duterte admin did not stop the Chinese tourists from Wuhan from entering the country.

Upon reading this comments on social media, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu cannot contain herself from going beast mode and lashed at critics in her latest FB post.

In my opinion, the specific line below perfectly captures the sentiment of the Duterte supporters to express their sentiment against the Duterte critics making stupid comments regarding the handling of Chinese tourists entering the country amid the Corona virus scare.

Sana may screening din para sa mga tangengot na nega para bawal din sila magkalat sa world.

Joking aside, Chu said the best we can do to prepare ourselves against the Corona virus is to take care of our health by having enough sleep and consuming immune boosters and eat well.

You may read the original article below now.

US has confirmed corona virus
HK has confirmed corona virus
Macau confirmed, also:
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

There are four people in Scotland being checked for the virus.

The PH has—PRAISE BE TO GOD— no confirmed corona virus even when we’re nearer than the other countries mentioned, pero yung tanga sa timeline mo sinisisi na naman si Duterte sa pag pasok ng mga Chinese sa bansa kahit globally apektado lahat, kasi reading material nya ang Yellow pages bago matulog, kaya ayan tanga na rin sya.

Bakit daw pinapasok yung mga Chinese galing Wuhan, eh nung scrineen pag dating walang lagnat.

Yung mahal mong US nga scanning lang din, hindi naman nag ban pa. Health expert ka? (Yung North Korea nag ban—bagay ang thinking mo don.)

Ano bale ang gusto nyong mangyari? They arrived here, incubation period takes time. We don’t know how long. Do we send them to Manila? Send them to the Chinese embassy? Kulong them all in one room and walang lalabas for two months? Or as normal SOP, monitor everyone? Kung ako lang I’ll confine them in one room, pero I don’t know why the US didn’t ban the Chinese from entering their country. Pwede kaya silang ikulong, human rights advocates? Kayo mahilig sa human rights so ano ba dapat?

Sana may screening din para sa mga tangengot na nega para bawal din sila magkalat sa world.

2020 na ano na MATUTO KAYO MAG RESEARCH high blood nyo ako.

Imbes na magkalat kayo ng hatred, mag spread kayo ng info on how people can protect against the virus. Like your common cold, we should be all making laklak immunity boosters so hindi tayo mabilis magkasakit, matulog ng tama sa oras (sana di ako mahawa kasi di ako marunong matulog), kumain ng steak araw araw ganon.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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