Manila Bulletin writer responds to hypothetical question whether one would ride an airplane or not, knowing the pilot has no “DIPLOMA”?

A Leni Robredo supporter started a thread on social media asking a hypothetical question to netizens whether they would ride an airplane knowing the pilot has no experience and diploma?

If it were him, he won’t even if he knew the father of the said pilot was also an excellent pilot.

Although the OP did not mention any names, it is very obvious, he was alluding to a presidential candidate whose college diploma has been questioned by his critics.

On that note, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook to respond to Manlapaz’s hypothetical question.

According to Chu, if she were to choose between two pilots, both inexperienced – she would go for the inexperienced pilot whose father was a good pilot. The reason being, he would have at least seen growing up how his father flew the plane and some of it would be memory for him. (Let us assume the father flew a non-commercial plane and took the son during one of his flights and showed him a thing or two about flying. This is not far-fetched in real life. But commercial planes? I don’t think it is allowed as per company rules. Or even our CAAP rules.)

In other words, the inexperienced pilot who grew up watching his father flew an airplane is a much better choice than the pilot who did not learn from her father, with doubtful calculation skills, dumb and thought the Philippines only have 1,700 islands that’s why she would probably land on water due to miscalculation of the approach, either way, all passengers would be dead for choosing the wrong pilot.

Chu said she would choose the pilot who is not dumb.

Kung dalawang piloto na lang talaga ang pagpipilian ko—parehong walang experience at all—dun ako sa piloto na magaling yung Tatay because he would have at least seen growing up how his father flew the plane and some of it would be memory for him.

Kesa dun sa walang alam talaga na piloto, tapos di marunong mag compute at all kasi bobo tapos Akala nya 1,700 islands lang nasa ilalim niya tapos nag landing sya sa tubig Kasi di sya marunong mag compute—-or di kaya nag landing sya sa mountain kasi Akala nya walang island dun, kasi pagkaka alam nya 1700 Islands lang Meron, either way TEGI TAYO LAHAT.

Dun ako sa hindi b0bo.

Ok na?


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