Manila Bulletin writer responds to Lorenzo Legarda Leviste’s question in viral open letter if she ever spat blood after crying so hard?

Loren Legarda’s son Lorenzo Legarda Leviste has been making quite a buzz on social media after his open letter published on Rappler denouncing her own mother in public, calling her an example how fascism takes hold, is made acceptable, normalized, facilitated and ushered in.

One of the lines in Lorenzo Legarda’s open letter caught the attention of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette when he said that he cried so hard after learning his mother is running under the senate slate of Marcos that he spat out blood?

Chu answered that she never went to that extreme of spatting blood due to shouting and crying out of anger of anyone.

Even when you realize you were cheated by the guy whom you pay for almost all your dinner dates and outings. A shameless scammer with no sense of debt of gratitude.

Chu said that perhaps Lorenzo Legarda Leviste is the only human being who is suffering from such biological and medical condition. She hope he has it checked.

Perhaps he is suffering from TB, hence the blood spitting.

As of this writing, Krizette Chu’s FB post has generated 10,000 reactions, 543 comments and 128 shares in 8 hours and counting.

You may now read Krizette Chu’s FB post below.

Umiyak ka na ba at sumigaw sa sobrang galit hanggang dumudura ka na ng dugo?

Ako hindi pa. Ikaw, hindi pa rin? Kahit nung nalaman mong niloloko ka lang pala kahit halos Ikaw na magbayad sa lahat ng lakad nyo? Napaka walang utang na loob na scammer.

Si Lorenzo Leviste lang ata ang may ganyang biological/medical condition. I hope he has it checked.

Baka may TB pala sya

You may read the full open letter of Lorenzo Legarda Leviste by clicking the Rappler link here for context.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu


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