Manila Bulletin writer says Duterte accepting VP nomination is playing chess vs Opposition, backs out of race at last minute to give way to Sara

If Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu is correct, the Dutertes are playing chess against the Opposition. Because a divided enemy is an easy enemy to conquer so they say.

Rodrigo Duterte declares he will run for VP. No one wants to run against him so at this point only Sotto and the innocent Willie Ong have announced their VP candidacy, Chu noted.

Chu went on to explain how the administration led by President Duterte outfoxed the Opposition by forcing them into a sense of complacency. How? Sara Duterte’s reluctance seemed to have help the administration sell the idea Sara will no longer run for president after her father accepted the PDP-Laban nomination for VP. Emboldened by this development, the Opposition presidential aspirants abandoned their original plan of fielding one candidate since Sara will no longer run for president.

Administration doesn’t announce that Sara will run. She seems very hesitant. So the Opposition, which wanted to be united against the strongest candidate, suddenly finds that there is no strong Admin candidate because Sara doesn’t want to run and BBM has not declared his intention, and even so BBM is less popular than Sara. Because of this, the idea of a United Opposition falls apart, and Leni Robredo reels in shock as all the men she talked to have now declared their intention. There will be no United Opposition. Opposition candidates Isko, Ping, and Manny have all been emboldened by the fact that Sara will not run, and so their ambition and greed got the better of them.

Leni’s low scores in the surveys did not help her argument why fellow presidential aspirants from the Opposition will rally behind her as the United Opposition standard bearer, Chu said.

Why listen to Leni, after all she scores way lower than us in surveys, they think in their heads.

So the Opposition candidates all make their own separate run, thereby effectively splitting the minority votes for the Opposition, Chu stated.

And when the Opposition started to get comfortable to the idea Sara is already out of the race and and began thinking each one of them have a good shot in winning against the not so strong administration candidate, Rodrigo Duterte made the final gambit – withdraw from the race just in time to allow Sara to catch the last train to the presidential race and win it all against the outfoxed Opposition.

With a divided, greedy, shortsighted opposition, Duterte backs out of the VP race. Sara then announces her candidacy at the eleventh hour. Picks a strong VP, either BBM or Go. And goes on to win the Presidency as the ONLY admin candidate, uniting all government supporters.

Chu said this is how you play chess to defeat the Opposition.

And that is how you play chess. A divided enemy is an easy enemy to conquer. (Don’t worry it’s too late for them to back out now, not after all that bluster and bravado and braggadocio.)

Chu ended the FB post telling the anti-Dutertes she was just playing mind games with them.

(Horror story lang naman ito for the anti Dutertes, pero aminin, the anti Dutertes reading this post are having mini heart attacks. Do I know something, or am I just guessing? Xoxo, gossip girl)

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Source: Krizette Chu

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