Manila Bulletin writer says he likes Doc Willy Ong but she is not her VP in 2022 polls. Read why!

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has taken to social media to appeal to her followers, to normalize having high standards for VP in order to avoid a repeat of electing the likes of Leni.

Chu clarified that Ong is undoubtedly a good person but the problem is, he is running for Vice President and will become President if the President dies.

Willie Ong is undoubtedly a good person. But he is running for Vice President. A Vice President is someone who will become President if the President dies.

On that note, Chu posed a very clever question to convince her followers to agree with her reason why voting for Doc Willy Ong is not good.

Which means: Will you vote for Willie Ong as President? If not, then don’t vote for him as Vice President. I won’t vote for him even if I like him because I don’t think Willie Ong can handle the drug crisis, terrorism, international squabbles, and other issues that are beyond his medical purview.

Chu lamented that Filipinos don’t take the VP seriously but she said this should not be the case.

We usually just get whoever as VP, but the VP is literally one breath away from the Presidency.

Chu ended the FB post by challenging her FB followers to change their mindset to prevent the repeat of another Leni as VP.

Let’s normalize having high standards for VP so we avoid people like Leni.

Chu’s FB post has been getting a quite a good engagement from her FB followers, generating 8,000+ reactions, 648 comments and 328 shares in just 8 hours and counting.

Very well said Madam. We always take the VP for granted. I wish Phil will adapt the US way, if the president wins, his or her VP also takes office with him/her. This way there will be team work for both, unlike us wala ng ginawa ang VP natin kundi to find fault with the admin. This is so unprofessional! Not even once did I see the VP support the President. Not even once, wrote a netizen.

I like Doc Willie to run as one of the Senators so we could have a representative for health and he is very much qualified for it. Not for VP I don’t think so, said one netizen.

Another netizen wrote affirmative response on Chu’s call to reject Doc Ong in the polls.

Yes. It’s our moment in history to claim our right to self-determination. Let us learn from the past and our reawakened lessons in the history of our nationhood under the Duterte administration. Let us honor the Office of the Vice Presidency by electing a really Working Vice President whose heart is for the nation and not only for the position.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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