Manila Bulletin writer says Inday Sara succeeding PRRD will make every probinsyana everywhere proud being called “Inday”

Manila Bulletin writer and socmed influencer Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook to write her personal conviction what an Inday Sara Duterte becoming president means to the probinsyanas everywhere, what President Duterte did to the Bisaya language — elevate the perception, take the source of degradation by its horn and turn it around its ugly head.

Imagine if “Inday” became President, Chu urged netizens to think about the possibility of an Inday Sara Presidency.

Chu went on to explain to the non-Bisayans that the term “Inday” is a term of endearment among Bisaya-speaking people not one size fits all term to all probinsyanas who just arrived in Manila.

Inday is a term of endearment among Bisayas, but for many upper class Manilenos, “inday” is a blanket term to refer to probinsyanas, helpers, yayas, bagong salta.

Chu said she was speaking from personal experience.

Of course as a promdi I have heard it many times myself, “Ano ba yan, Inday,” when someone wanted to make me feel less than. “O Inday, first time mo?” would be something someone would say to you. Sometimes “amos” called every helper Inday, when they couldn’t be bothered to know the names of their helpers from the provinces.

Chu proceeded to share the kind of interrogation she went through from someone after finding out she was from Leyte. She said the interrogation, which she described incredulous, went on the entire time they knew each other.

In college in Manila, I had someone who, after finding out I was from Leyte, asked a lot of things from me, including what my bra was. When I said it was Wacoal, she was so surprised. Gusto nya ata sagot ko coconuts. She also asked why I was maputi, or if there was electricity or if my family were farmers. This line of questioning and incredulity ran for the entire time we knew each other, in which she would be constantly surprised that I behaved like a human being and not a chimpanzee from the boondocks.

Chu remarked that the “Inday” stereotyping was pervasive before the advent of social media and perhaps, it is still true today. Any probinsyanas who studied or worked for the first time in Manila experienced this, she added.

The “Inday” stereotype was pervasive in the years before social media was a thing, and maybe it still is now. I am sure many probinsyanas who studied in Manila, or worked for the first time in Manila, dealt with this stereotyping.

Chu predicted that if an Inday becomes President, she will exorcise the bad connotation that comes with the term “Inday” and even make a probinsyana proud of being called Inday.

So if an Inday becomes President, Inday Sara will do for probinsyanas everywhere what Duterte did for the Bisaya language—elevate the perception, take that source of degradation by its horns and turn it around on its head.

It’s high time the Indays take over, Chu declared.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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