Manila Bulletin writer says people who still believed Trillanes’ exposés vs Duterte in light of admission ex-Sen paid P100K/month to Atty. Sabio indeed “stupid”!

For the last three years or so, the anti-Dutertes believed everything that Trillanes have thrown at the Dutertes like they are the gospel truths.

I don’t need to enumerate the allegations hurled by Trillanes against Pres. Duterte because I don’t want to tire you with the details.

All these exposés were made with one goal in mind – oust President Duterte from Malacanang.

But as Proverb 12:19 says, “Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed.”

This is perfectly illustrated when Atty. Jude Sabio bared the nature of his relationship with ex-Senator Trillanes in a newspaper column a couple of days ago.

A week later or so, Sabio said Trillanes owed him around P700,000 as retainers fee in a video that made the rounds online.

Perhaps out panic, Trillanes wrote an open letter addressed to Atty. Jude Sabio and in that letter, the ex-senator admitted paying Sabio P100K a month since 2016 until he stepped down as senator this year (2019).

Check out the screenshots below of the article detailing Trillanes’ confession.

In light of Trillanes’ confession, an appalled Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu couldn’t help but wonder where did Trillanes get the money to pay Sabio P100K a month starting in 2016 with his salary of P117,000 a month?

Chu reckoned that P100K a month multiplied by 36 is equals to P3.6M.

Chu wondered if Trillanes spent half of his fortune to pay for the upkeep of Sabio?

In light of this revelation, Chu remarked that those people who still believed the exposés of Trillanes vs PRRD are indeed stupid.


TRILLANES, who at one time was the “poorest” senator, has just admitted that:

1. He gave Jude Sabio 50k to 100k a month starting late 2016 to 2019. (Wow ha, ang aga naman ang start ng destabilization plot.)

For your info: Jude Sabio only filed against Duterte for crimes against humanity in April of 2017. So as you can see, Trillanes has been bankrolling him even earlier than when he suddenly appeared to file a case against the President.

For your info: Senators fall under Salary Grade 31, which means they receive about 117,000 a month. If Trillanes gives Sabio 100k a month from 2016 to 2019, where does he get the money? Antonio Trillanes only has a SALN of 6.9 million pesos.

Granted he gave Jude Sabio 100k a month, for 3 years, he spent 3.6 million pesos, halved his fortune?

2. Trillanes admits to paying for Sabio’s other needs aside from his 100k allowance a month. Medicine, rent, plane tickets, and Sabio’s plane tickets to and from The Hague.

For someone who trumpets himself as the poorest senator, Trillanes can afford the upkeep of Sabio?

He admitted because Sabio keeps receipts and for sure there are bank and paper trails.


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