Manila Bulletin writer says she is not impressed with Isko Moreno’s tough Tondo Boy no nonsense public servant image. Read why!

Manila Bulletin writer and socmed influencer Krizette Laureta Chu has taken to Facebook to denounce Yorme Isko Moreno for abrasive behavior towards President Duterte.

Chu recalled that then Mayor and now President Duterte never treated his superiors like PNoy and Mar Roxas (DILG boss) even when had many opportunities to do so.

Chu lamented this is not the case of Yorme Isko Moreno who takes every chance he gets to throw shade at President Duterte.

Chu remembered that the Yorme Isko circa 2019 was projecting a sweet-image that you would think he was competing with PCOO in spreading the good news about Duterte.

Chu also noted that Yorme Isko is projecting the tough-talking Tondo boy image like he is ready to rumble to anyone that crosses his path. In effect, he is perpetuating the myth that Tondo people are arrogant and rude which she thinks isn’t true.

Meanwhile, Chu can’t recall President Duterte played up to the media like Yorme Isko now.

Chu cited then Mayor and now President Duterte’s encounter with SAF 44 survivor and families and when asked for his comment on the incident by a local reporter, Duterte responded: “They were thrown into the lion’s lair. What I heard and observed in that base camp was confidential at this time, but if the lies continue, I would be forced to tell the truth.”

Chu isn’t impressed of Yorme Isko Moreno’s tough Tondo image because she said Yorme only spent a few years there, entered showbiz which made him soft and tainted by years in politics.

Chu pointed to the Feast of Nazareno incident early this year wherein he failed to rein in the crowd of devotees as a testament to Yorme Isko Moreno’s tough image was tested and he failed big time. Chu said Yorme’s credential in fighting crimes and corruption is a suspect.

Chu said that role playing as a tough no no nonsense public servant for Yorme Isko is no-brainer because after all, he was an actor.

Chu is looking ahead to see how far Yorme Isko’s projection and acting skills takes him in real world.

You may read Chu’s original FB post below now.

Isko is bastos and mayabang in a way that Duterte never was to Pnoy.

There were many opportunities for Duterte to be abrasive to Pnoy. First, when he helped Leyte in 2013 during Yolanda relief efforts.

He was the first to arrive in Leyte and when he got interviewed all he said was, “It was as if God was never there. I hope—I don’t want na pangunahan ang government—that the national government consider declaring a state of emergency because wala ng tao dun. Walang pulis. Walang local government.”

Duterte even up to now has not said anything rude to PNoy. To Mar, yes, and only because they were faced off in the elections, and not before then—but not to Pnoy in a way that Isko regularly talks down to Duterte.

Isko takes every chance he gets to insult the Duterte government, a total turnaround from the pa-sweet image he had in 2019, na Akala mo eh matatalo nya ang PCOO sa pag spread ng goodness ni Duterte.

Ngayon naghahamon, using the stereotype of a Tondo boy na magsalita, akala mo talaga nakipag bardagulan dun. Perpetuating a myth that all Tondo people are basagulero and bastos the way he says. Mga taga Tondo ba mayabang na bastos? Parang di naman.

Duterte never played up to the media like that, even when he is the real OG.

In 2015, in Zamboanga, after meeting the Saf 44 survivors and families of those who were slain, Duterte was asked what he thought, and he only said, “They were thrown into the lion’s lair. What I heard and observed in that base camp was confidential at this time, but if the lies continue, I would be forced to tell the truth.”

He told Erica Pabalinas one of the widows, “If I will be called, I will be forced to tell the truth because I would be under oath, there’s no point in telling a lie with another lie.”

But never, never was he rude to Pnoy, even when he was older, more experienced, and truly a gruff man. He never said, “Sagutin nyo kami dito! Mga wala kayong kuwenta! As a mamamayang Pilipino, karapatan ko sagutin ako!”

Isko spends a few years in Tondo, gets out and is softened by a life of showbiz, tainted by decades of politics, and now pretends to be a tough talking mayor in the mold of Duterte.

The difference is, he has no tough action to back up. Nung nagkagulo ang mga tao sa Quiapo, for the Feast of the Nazarene, he didn’t even have the political will to shoot them down. What is his Background in dealing with crime and corruption? With drugs? With snatchers in Recto? What has he done to back up that swagger he projects?

It comes easy to him, this, he is after all an artista. This playing of a role of a tough no nonsense public servant, who disrespects and calls out the President, a persona that he just fully formed now.

Let’s see how far his projection and acting skills take him in the real world.


Source: Krizette Chu

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