Manila Bulletin writer says she won’t listen to wokes ever amid silence re Angel Locsin fiasco but loudest to call out Sinas

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu shares her astute observation of the pro and anti-Dutertes, especially when one of their own misbehaves in public.

On Facebook, Chu begins with hypothetical scenario wherein President Duterte, lets say, engage China in a shooting war over the disputed territories in the WPS as they wish and we suffer huge casualties and how the anti-Dutertes react after.

Pag sinunod natin sila sa gusto nilang mangyari sa China (trigger pa more) at maraming mamatay (dahil China won’t recognize any ruling), ganito na lang din sila: “Hindi namin inaasahan at hindi namin ginusto.”

Just the thought of it, Chu says she will not listen to the anti-Dutertes ever again and leaning now towards being a pro-Duterte.

“Ayoko na talaga makinig sa mga anti Duterte, ever. Hindi ako DDS and super neutral talaga ako pero the more I realize how these antis think, mas leaning towards na ako ngayon maging pro Duterte.”

Chu observes that pro Dutertes won’t hesitate to call out even one of their own (Sinas, Mocha, Koko) but the same cannot be said of the antis. For example, Angel Locsin and the Maginhawa community pantry organizer.

“I see pro Dutertes calling out and even against Mocha, Sinas, Koko (personally abhor that man), etc, but anti Dutertes are silent about the mishaps and the ill intentions of their fellow antis. Like, they can’t call out Angel, and they pretend that Maginhawa community pantry is by a “simple person” when the mom of the organizer AP NON, is the kumare of Leni, the ninang sa Kasal ni Jover, and the creator of Babae Ako movement along with Mae Paner, etc. as in Yellow kung Yellow. Di ba Sana honest na lang na May political leanings, Hindi fini fake?”

Chu offers a straightforward explanation why the antis are hesitant to call out one of their own.

“Siguro dahil konti Lang sila kaya di na nila inaaway ang Isa’t isa—Pero akala ko ba they love this country?”

Chu says it makes you realize that these antis are not really for the national interest but their personal interest.

“Na realize mo talaga these antis don’t really want the best for the country, they only want the best for themselves and their party and their own motives.”

“Realization ko ito as a politically neutral citizen,” Chu concludes her musings.


Source: Krizette Chu

Pag sinunod natin sila sa gusto nilang mangyari sa China (trigger pa more) at maraming mamatay (dahil China won’t…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Saturday, April 24, 2021

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