Manila Bulletin writer shares interesting trivia why Jiggy Manicad of GMA News is pro-Duterte

Krizette Laureta Chu or KLC for short has been wondering, like many Duterte supporters, why of all legit journalists in the Philippines, the most visible before he quit his job at GMA News when he ran for senator, is openly pro-Duterte.

In a Facebook post, KLC of Manila Bulletin found an answer while looking through her Yolanda archives she called hinanakit or ill-feelings.

You may now read KLC’s original FB post and let her do the talking.

Very few media people are openly pro Duterte—that’s why I was surprised that Jiggy Manicad was.

And then I saw this as I was looking through my Yolanda archives of hinanakit.

8 years ago, Jiggy was the only media person who was collecting messages of desperation from survivors on the ground so he could transmit them to GMA because Leyte had no electricity, no phones, no means of communicating to the world.

Message Number 33 was my friend’s then-girlfriend (now wife) telling the world through Jiggy that many people lost their lives, including Aaron’s parents.

Now I know why Jiggy supported the admin. He was there. He knew. He understood.

Netizens who’ve read KLC’s post have also said something positive about Jiggy.

I find Jiggy Manicad a kind and humble man. He serves with dedication, wrote one netizen.

Those who responded after the tragedy in Tacloban will understand…commented another.

Failon, Tulfo (erwin), Taberna actually maraming mediaman ang pro admin. Hindi lang nila masyado pinapahalata because of their work, added a netizen.

The late Cesar Apolinario of Gmanews he was a supporter of PRRD, too, replied another.

Baka nga marami pa naman siguro jan sa GMA na pro-PRRD hindi nga lang siguro sila vocal or open kasi di ba nasa media sila eh,sabihin na naman may kinikilingan, chimed in another netizen.

Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu Good job tlga yan si sir Jiggs, may regalo daw si Mayor Inday Sara Duterte sa knya sa Nov 15,………🤫🤔 kasi bday ni sir jiggs enebe! Hahahhahahha wrote another netizen.


Source: Krizette Chu

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