Manila Bulletin writer shares simple explanation why VisMin people do not take to Twitter to look for the President in the wake of destruction left by Odette

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu has shared her insight on the meme circulating on social media sites comparing how the people from VisMin reacting to Odette vis-a-vis others who like to tweet just to complain.

According to Chu, despite the havoc brought by Odette, you cannot hear VisMin complain. Why? Because the VisMin people have hard-earned perspective, courtesy of Typhoons Yolanda and Sendong.

So when Odette leveled communities in VisMin areas, they are still grateful because our roads are littered with debris, not bodies.

Just want to share this to those who might not understand. Madami kasing memes about how VisMin is reacting to Odette vis-a-vis others who like to tweet just to complain.

Here’s an insight: You know why despite the huge damage that OdettePH left—entire towns leveled and island washed out, homes that are completely damaged—you cannot hear VisMin complain? Yes, even with bad signal, no electricity, no water, and many parts still unreachable.

Because we have perspective. Hard-won perspective brought to us by Typhoons Yolanda and Sendong.

This is where we got our perspective: Our roads are littered with debris, not bodies.

And for many of us, this is celebration enough.


Thank you in advance to those who will help the places in the path of #OdettePH recover and please pray that once the real picture is revealed in many towns we cannot reach, that the problems are all solvable. Prayers too so that those who cannot reach their families will find comfort.

Netizens from VisMin jumped into the comment section to echo Chu’s sentiment.

Yes miss KLC, grabe ang damage here in Cebu, pero laban lang. Ang importante buhi! Bisaya ni bai!

Here in Cebu, we don’t look for the President in times of calamities. We find other ways to survive instead. #BangonCebu#LabanBisaya#BangonVisayas#BangonMindanao

I am one of those that’s badly affected. Our beach property that took us years of shaping and became our source of livelihood along with our few workers, sobrang laki ang damage. Pero okay Lang kami, most important buhay kami lahat. We believed Sto. Nino protected us from harm. We survived and positive Lang kahit mag start uli from beginning.

that’s true my family and friends in visayas and mindanao never complain about what the government is doing but they are complaining about the telecom companies that up until now there’s no stable connections, no electricity and no water!

We, from VisMin don’t complain and we don’t blame the government because this is a natural calamity. Despite the damages brought by typhoon Odette, we don’t give our hopes up and we always get back up. We are doing our best to help each other no matter how small.We are strong and we have faith in God.


Source: Krizette Chu

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