Manila Bulletin writer slams Leni Robredo for whining getting attacked by online trolls when she criticizes gov’t policy, says her job is not to criticize but collaborate


That’s the nickname coined by Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu to best describe Leni Robredo.

In other words, Leni Robredo is a “MEMA” or someone who will say something for the sake of giving one’s opinion.

Why? According to Krizette, the job of the VP is to help not criticize.

For example, Krizette said that Robredo may approach President Duterte and asks to have her get appointed as a head of a scholarship grants for the children of slain police officers who died while pursuing drug lords?

Or Robredo may ask the President to form a foundation for the children of the dr^g pusher$ who were casualties of WOD? Since she believes that poverty is a major factor of the dr^g problem.

Krizette remarked that Robredo isn’t doing this because she is lazy and a trouble maker, that is why the Philippines.

Krizette reminded Robredo that as VP, criticizing the President isn’t part of her job but to collaborate because her job is to find a common ground.

For sure, President Duterte isn’t going to adjust for Robredo to accommodate her wishes how he runs the government because he is the President.

Krizette remarked it has been three years and yet Robredo still clueless of her duties and responsibilities and joked excusing Robredo and she will take over the VP job.

Note: Krizette was reacting to Leni Robredo’s statement complaining about getting attacked by online trolls every time she criticizes government policies.

Robredo said she cannot just sit back and look the other way when she sees something wrong with it. She claimed feeling the need to verbalize to ledn her voice to the minority.

You may read Krizette Laureta Chu’s original article below.


Actually po, may tawag tayo diyan: MEMA.

Bilang VP po, di nyo trabaho pumuna kundi tumulong.

Tatanungin nyo yung Presidente, “Sir, since atribida ako, at feeling ko magaling ako, pwede ba ako mag head ng scholarship grants for the children of slain police officers who died while pursuing drug lords?”

Or Di kaya “Sir, pwede ba ako mag tayo ng foundation para sa mga batang namatayan ng magulang na drug pusher? Gawa po tayo ng programa para sa kanila kasi I believe poverty is a major factor of the drug problem.”

Pero hindi kasi tamad ka at palaaway. Kaya walang unity ang Pilipinas.

As VP, hindi nyo po trabaho mag “criticize” kundi mag “collaborate” because your job is to find a common ground.

Alangan naman si Duterte ang mag adjust sa iyo at sa wish nyo paano patakbuhin ang Pilipinas eh sya ang Presidente.

Ano ba yan 3 years na, di pa alam ang trabaho, tabi nga, ako na lang gagawa.

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