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Manila Bulletin writer spells out what Ping, Isko and company’s revelation in presscon re Leni Robredo: Leni CAN’T LEAD

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu posted her take of the just concluded joint press conference held by the four presidential aspirants in a Makati hotel today.

Basically, Chu is trying to tell the internet that what transpired today at the presscon in Makati should serve as a warning to us all what of leadership Leni will bring to the table, knock on wood, if elected as the country’s next leader.

Chu said that if Leni can’t even convince other Presidential aspirants to forget their presidential ambitions and just support her own presidential bid to stop the Marcoses via BBM to return to Malacanang, she is a weak negotiator.

Just the thought of this send shudders to Chu’s spine how Leni would navigate the many international conflicts brewing in the horizon with the amateur political skills she has if she becomes president.

More importantly, Chu said that Leni’s epic failure to unite the Opposition does tells us one thing – Leni can’t lead. Worse, she even made the other presidential aspirants unite against her. That says a lot of Leni’s leadership skills, argued Chu.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

She tried to unite all against BBM. She failed.

Not only did she fail, they then turned around and exposed her for trying to make them back out. As Sen Ping reveals, a generous offer was even put on the table.

Leni can’t lead.


Leni doesn’t know how to negotiate.

She’s the VP and they’re “just” Senators and Mayors.

How can she negotiate with other leaders of other countries if she can’t even talk to people under her?

How can she negotiate with terrorists? With businessmen? With equal branches of the government like the SC justice and the HoR?

How can she navigate the many international conflicts brewing in the horizon with the kind of amateur political skills she has?

Hindi enough mamigay ng spaghetti. Hindi enough ang mauna sa natural disaster stricken areas ng walang dala. Hindi enough yon.

And also SHAME. Shame on making this election all about two candidates, a battle of good and evil. Shame on disrespecting the freedom of the millions of people who don’t want her.

Sige na LP, try to deny what everybody there claimed.

GIVE US A DECENT SECOND PLACER, A BETTER RUNNER UP! Give us anyone else to fight against BBM but Leni!!!!

As Norberto Gonzales who is 1 billion times worthier to be President than Leni says, “Maghanap tayo ng bagong number 2.” !!!!!


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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