Manila Bulletin writer stumbles proof BBM’s Special Diploma on Social Studies not a “political accommodation” as detractors say

One of the main criticisms of the detractors of BBM has been his Special Diploma in Social Studies from the University of Oxford was a “political accommodation” and there was no such thing as Special Diploma.

However, Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer Krizette Laureta Chu stumbled upon something online while researching about BBM’s Special Diploma on Social Studies.

Chu believed what she just found out by accident totally obliterates one more Yellow narrative about BBM’s Special Diploma – a diploma borne out of “political accommodation”.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

While going through stuff to research BBM’s Special Diploma on Social Studies, I saw this—an actual diploma posted by someone named Jose Iglesias of Ruskin College who himself got the diploma in 1968.

So whether or not BBM did finish in Oxford, I guess it’s safe to say it’s an actual course and not, as some people say, just a “political accommodation.”

Netizens had a lively debate on BBM’s Special Diploma in Social Studies from Oxford University as shown in the comments below. However, majority have favorable opinion in favor of BBM on the issue.

European school system is so different from the US and Philippine system. In Germany for example, they have different study programs you can pursue. A bachelor’s degree is normally 3 -4 years but that’s after taking a two-year pre-college program (mostlygen-ed classes) if your high school credits are not the same as their high school credits; a diploma in a particular course is 5 years; a master’s degree is 1-2 years. Note: a Diploma is different from a bachelor’s degree. This I had a hard time understanding at first.A bachelor’s degree from the Philippines is not enough to go into their Master’s degrees. The Philippines’ education credit system is not at par with the ECTS. We’re short by 1-2 semesters. I applied for a master’s degree but my bachelor’s degree does not have enough credits to qualify into a master’s degree program.So anyway my point is, there’s bachelor’s degree program; there’s diploma program of study; there’s master’s degree program and in some like Oxford; they have Special Diploma program of study. When one says you’re a graduate, it does not necessarily mean you got a bachelor’s degree.Gusto lang nila mag-ka issue kahit wala naman 🙄 wrote one netizen.

Yang mga nagsasabi niyan, they should come and study in UK. Education system ng United Kingdom is not the same as the Philippines. Since then and now still the same. Diploma is as good as a Batchelors degree, commented another.

Why all the fuzz about the diploma when the qualifications to run as president are explicitly stated in the constitution? People sometimes are complicating matters 🤓✌️ an annoyed netizen took a swipe at people making a fuss at BBM’s diploma.

For whatever purposes certificate or diploma doesn’t make any difference to me. The guy can discuss different issues coherently and with depth, indeed a logical person, analytical, intellectual, and visual thinker and that’s all i need.Remember maraming may diploma na walang sense ang mga sinasabi, commented another.

May degree/diploma or wala, mas may sense at maliwanag naman magsalita si BBM kesa kay Leni. Tsaka malawak din ang knowledge nya sa mga bagay bagay…d na kelangan ng script para tumino ang sagot. D tulad ni Leni na mahihilo tayo kakaintindi sa mga sinasabi, chimed in another.

One netizen shared the link from EduRank to provide proof that indeed BBM was an alum of Oxford University.

Daming assuming sa kabila. Yan oh. Kausapin nyo na muna si EduRank ha. NOTABLE yan, hindi lang chuchu katulad nyo University of Oxford PH society kuno, at mga pinklawan. Daming insecurities sa katawan eh.



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