Manila Bulletin writer takes a dig at Sharon Cuneta using old pics after her rant against PRRD goes viral

Krizette Laureta Chu of Manila Bulletin and the admin of KLC FB page took a subtle dig at Sharon Cuneta on Facebook who unleased another round of tirade against President Duterte on Facebook.

Chu began by sharing an old photo of Sharon Cuneta she shared with former President Marcos, apparently to take a jab at Sharon’s daughter who is a rabid anti-Marcos to remind her that the man she loves to insult was her Mom’s ninong when she walked the aisle with Gabby Concepcion.

Pictures of Sharon Cuneta, whose daughter continually insults her mom’s Ninong FEM, and who once called PRRD “Tatay,” during those early days of his Presidency when she was all over him in her trademark saccharine, cloying ways.

Chu also shared the photo of Sharon with President Duterte to remind the public that Sharon had no issue rubbing elbows with the President which at that time had already made the “stupid God” remark because it was convenient thing to do. Now, she’s using it in her rant against Duterte.

Nung time na yun Duterte already had the “stupid God” issue remark, but she had no problem meeting and supporting him after. Now she’s using it against him in her rant about a bastos government. How convenient.

Chu jeered at Sharon playing victim on social media after the family is split in half because Kiko decided to run for VP when Tito Sotto already declared for the same position as Sharon’s husband.

Her ambitious husband went against the husband of Helen Gamboa, her beloved auntie, her mother’s sister. Tito Sotto declared first. And now Sharon plays the victim and says, “I don’t know why this happened to me.”

Chu said if there was to blame for Sharon’s dilemma, it is but her husband who have no sense of delicadeza. Ouch!

Ugh—your husband without delicadeza happened to you. Because if he valued your relationships and the man and woman you consider your second parents, he would not run against them, considering him and Leni are just last minute candidates. If your husband has become the cause of your downfall and severing of relationships and people turning against you, then that is a very big red flag.

Here are some of the spicy comments from netizens.

The hell with their family issue. She is paid to act. That’s her livelihood. Let us not get fooled by her stunt, she been doing that like long before she marries Kiko. Look at Kiko’s recent video, it is big fat joke. This celebrity couple are mocking the Filipino people. It is all staged. 

after realizing she was not able to benefit anything from the admin after brushing shoulders with them even ignoring that time her husband’s political stance…Here she is belittling people who disagreed with her and flaunt it like in the most believable patriotic way possible….Everytime she posted something or on her interviews she was like this loneliest saddest person locked up in her own predicament that I almost forgot she owns alot of Rolex and designer bags including construction of her dream house even in the time of pandemic….

She went to seek PRRD’ support for her brother. Her brother didnt win… and so spent good amount of money… now she hates Digong. She cant even fix her relationship with her daughter… and the re-emerged feud with the Sottos, tapos gustong maging Mrs. VP. Girl has been ka na.


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