Manila Bulletin writer takes a jab at Twitter wokes for not denouncing death of FEU booter

The usually noisy wokes on Twitter are eerily silent re murder of FEU booter Kieth Absalon by the NPAs in Masbate and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu can’t help but notice this.

So on Facebook, Chu took a jab at them by baiting the wokes to respond by offering a trade off: the DDS will agree to defund NTF-ELCAC and the removal Gen. Parlade as Spokesperson of the said task force. However, Chu offers a catch, every single woke who tweets the following hashtags will live for a year in Samar or Masbate or any NPA-infested locale and go around biking unprotected.

“Sige we will defund NTF ELCAC and remove Gen Parlade in one condition, every single pa woke who tweets JUNK TERROR BILL or DEFUND NTF ELCAC will live for one year in Masbate or Samar or any NPA-infested locale and go around just biking around places unprotected.”

Apparently Chu wants to have an experiment with the wokes on Twitter and see after a year if they will still have the same fervor in defending those communist terrorists after experiencing how it is to live like ordinary Filipinos in far flung communities exposed to the NPAs.

“Let’s see you live the life of ordinary Filipino citizens who are continually exposed to the NPA and then come back to us after a year.”

“Feeling pa cool mga ignorante naman!” Chu quipped.

Chu’s FB post appears to have the general support of her FB followers, generating 9,188 reactions, 99% support it, 326 comments and 446 shares in just 8 hours and counting.

Commenting on the thread, this netizen expressed his approval of Chu’s proposal: “Tama! Mga ignorante. Sana naman isipin din nila ang mga taong pinoproblema ng NPA. Yong revolutionary tax nila. At sapilitang paghingi ng pera sa mga maliliit na negosyante . Pa wokes tae naman.”

“Isama ang natin ang mga congressmen At senators na gustong idefund ang NTF-ELCAC At sumusigaw ng junk terror bill at sympathizers ng CPP NPANDF🤬🤬🤬🤬tang na nila, Mga SALOT talaga ng bayan ang mga pa wokes na yan utak CPP NPA NDF🤬🤬🤬😡suggested another netizen.

“That’s a great compromise I’m sure will keep their salty tongues in check,” chimed in another.



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