Manila Bulletin writer taunts Dilawans after President Duterte gives Leni Robredo public dressing down

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu felt vindicated after President Duterte reprimanded VP Leni Robredo in public for acting like she was the Commander-in-Chief on Twitter.

On Facebook, Chu began by asking the Dilawans whom she accused of unleashing their trolls on her after she said that it was disrespectful of the VP to posture like she was in charge of the AFP, PNP, PCG.

“O ANO?”

“Natrigger ko nang sobrang bongga ang Yellows when I told them it was disrespectful of the VP to posture (try nyo sa office nyo maging usurper, tignan natin.)”

“They sicced all their trolls on me—me, a lowly last tier DDS they have always said was not worthy of their attention.”

Chu remarked that what was more painful was when President Duterte affirmed what she said earlier.

“But then, here’s a complete, MAS MASHAKET statement from the President.
AND IT IS TRUE. Everything he said here is true.”

Which is?

“She is dishonest. She knew that the preps were in place. She knew that you don’t order troops to move on the day of the typhoon itself—ano ka, Noynoy Aquino? But still she dishonestly told people that she had to ask the AFP to do stuff.”

Chu conceded though that President Duterte’s mouth can be rude but still grateful that many Filipinos were gifted with discernment to see the goodness in Duterte beyond his rude mouth.

“Duterte is rude with his mouth but God knows his heart. And we have been gifted by the same God with discernment to see who really is after our best interests.”

Chu reminded Robredo in particular and the public in general that lying is a sin.

“Lying is a sin. I know for you it’s an expertise—BUT IT IS A SIN.”

Chu dropped a hint why she accused Robredo of lying to the public in the first place.

“O ANO? You’ll use an insignificant SHARE of an Army post as proof she coordinated them into action?”

Chu, feeling triumphant, rubbed some salt on the wounded egos of the Dilawans who attacked her previously.

“The President and Panelo just repeated what I said. With 1 billion times more gravitas and info.”

Chu warned the Dilawans not to pick a fight with her because she was trained by Bam Aquino to smell BS from a mile away.

“Wag ako. Kahit ganito lang ako na last tier I know what credit grabbing looks like. After all, Bam Aquino trained us to smell BS.”

Chu give Leni Robredo an important lesson on public relations pro bono.

“As I said, if you want to make yourself look good, make sure it’s not at the expense of making others look bad. Especially people who’ve already worked so hard to be there and help other people.”

Chu recapped what she said against Leni Robredo on socmed that incensed the Dilawans.

“Nag statement palang kayo sa press, na hinahanap nyo ang President, our frontliners were already there. Hindi dahil tinanong mo sila eh Ikaw na ang coordinator at wala nang ginawa ang Presidente.”

Chu ended the rant by calling the action of Dilawans in a adjective that will surely make them hate Chu even more.

“And the word that triggers you all: SICKENING.”


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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