Manila Bulletin writer thinks SBG-DU30 not true, presents 7 checklist when choosing who to vote for President in 2022

“So apparently news is that SBG – DU30 for PDP LABAN. I don’t think it’s true… unless I hear it from SBG and PDU30.”

This is how Manila Bulletin writer and staunch Duterte supporter Krizette Laureta Chu reacted to the news report that PDP-Laban is pushing for Go-DU30 tandem in 2022 national election.

Chu clarified she has no President yet because she does not know who to vote simply because nobody has declared their intention to run except Lacson. Chu said she was sure it was not going to be Leni, Isko or Trillanes. Not voting for Isko because of his inexperience and more so because of Isko’s lack of humility which she described as the BIGGEST red flag of all.

“I don’t have a President yet because I don’t know who to vote for since nobody has declared their intention to run—but I am sure it’s not going to be Leni, Isko, Trillanes. Leni because Leni. Isko because he has not proven anything yet to be worthy of the Presidency plus his utter lack of humility is the BIGGEST red flag of all, and Trillanes because he’s a joke. I can’t believe there are actual human beings who think he’s worth their attention. He’s almost like a nuisance candidate.”

Despite being a staunch Duterte supporter, Chu said she is not 100% behind anyone, although whoever the President endorses, she is all for it. However, if President Duterte refuses to endorse anyone, she has 7 checklist to help her decide who to vote for President in 2022.

1. Continuity as a platform. Don’t want anyone who will discontinue the major bbb projects out of spite

2. Federalism and changing of the faulty and oligarch friendly 1987 Constitution on the table

3. Promise to end the NPA. Ping is one of the authors of the anti Terrorism Law so it makes me consider him if no one else I like will run.

4. Someone I can see will have the respect of the armed forces

5. Clean record, no corruption allegations, no shady dealings

6. Not friendly or kowtowing to oligarchs. (I’m not against someone who’s pro ABS CBN. I think ABS CBN should reopen not for the Lopezes but for the thousands of people who have lost their jobs—but ABS CBN as a company needs a major overhaul. Dapat magbayad ng tax, dapat ayusin yung regularization ng employees. Kung Wala yun, Wala rin. Yayaman lang ang owners, Wala pa ring mangyayari sa employees.)

7. Someone who will have real testimonies from real people about how good a leader they are. There’s nothing like that for Leni that she has to have Tiktok influencers and fake urban poor people who can’t show their faces. Dutertes stories are all organic. Bong Go is starting to have a reputation like that but I think he needs to plant more seeds before he runs for President. Sara but she hasn’t declared yet and I think it’s wise that she hasn’t.

In other words, Chu’s criteria is looking for somebody like President Duterte and anything short of it is a huge disappointment for her.

“In short somebody like Rodrigo Duterte except that I don’t think anyone will be like him so whatever happens or whoever takes his place I am 100 percent sure to be disappointed.”

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 2,800+ reactions, 214 comments and 48 shares in 5 hours and counting.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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