Manila Bulletin writer throw shades at GMA News resident analyst for insulting remarks vs DDS bloggers who accused him of plagiarism

GMA News resident analyst Richard Heydarian has been at loggerheads with the DDS bloggers lately.

The trouble started when Heydarian published a blank editorial as a harsh commentary of PRRD’s independent foreign policy.

Of course, the DDS bloggers reacted and criticized Heydarian for it, and even accused the former La Salle professor and currently GMA News resident political analyst of plagiarism.

The “plagiarism” allegation did not make Heydarian very, very happy.

In fact, he retaliated by insulting one of the DDS bloggers, Thinking Pinoy to get a degree first before making fun of Leni Robredo’s intellect.

In addition, Heydarian told other DDS bloggers he perfectly understand if they say foolish things because they are not academically published like HIM but reminded DDS not to make a fool of themselves, like making allegation of plagiarism because he knew better than them about plagiarism.

Heydarian’s insults versus DDS bloggers merited an equal, if not harsher response from DDS blogger and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu.

In the FB post, Chu explains why netizens like reading DDS blogger Sass Rogando Sasot FB posts and avoids GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian like a plague on social media despite the fact that both of them come from the academe.

Chu said Sass writes not to impress while Heydarian writes to show off. Ouch!

You may start reading Chu’s full FB post now.

You know why people like reading Sass Rogando Sasot even when she is part of the academe?

Because she keeps things simple. She writes to explain, not writes to show off.

Those academics who write to flex their vocabularies, to cram as many foreign concepts and terminologies without feeling compelled to explain, write only for their fellow jakoleros in their circle, not for the common man.

They try to impress, not to express.

Sass is generous with her knowledge without being an insufferable know it all.

And unlike Richard Heydarian, she can communicate effectively. Heydarian does not have the gift of communication (which not all academics are blessed to have), either he comes off as pompous or flighty, especially when he tries for relevance or campy or conversational. His emojis do not help his cause, or his oversimplification of details, as if he belittles the level of comprehension of his readers.

Which is why Sass has hundreds of thousands of followers—she is a great communicator.

(And no it’s not being about pro Duterte. You can be pro Duterte but not have her following because you’re still boring, insufferable, and pompous.)

Sass has done so much to elevate the understanding of the common man regarding international issues. So many people now understand basic tenets and concepts because she exerted effort.

She has done for international relations what I have done for fitness and nutrition in this country.

(This post is paid for by friends and family of Sass Rogando Sasot.)

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