Manila Bulletin writer to critics spreading endless rumor of PRRD’s death or serious illness: “Shouldn’t you be worshiping him for achieving so much while ‘dying’?”

The favorite past time of the supporters of the opposition camp is spreading endless rumor of PRRD’s death or serious illness on social media.

Manila Bulletin writer and staunch PRRD supporter Krizette Laureta Chu hoped to kill the rumor mill once and for all using her wit and sarcastic humor.

In a Facebook post, Chu said that if PRRD is dying and he is sick and yet he has passed so many laws, travel to many countries, attends to so many events and working till the wee hours.

If PRRD is really so sick Chu reckoned, shouldn’t they be worshipping PRRD for achieving so much while “dying” while Pnoy, who was perfectly healthy, didn’t work his butt of to change the course of our rotten country?

At this juncture, Chu took a swipe at some people these days who are so soft that a mere “lagnat” or fever means not reporting for work or school; mere vertigo and there is a ready-made medical certificate; a mild headache prompts one to Google about “brain tumor symptoms”; mild dysmenorrhea is already equivalent to ovarian cyst symptoms.

Chu laments the critics habit of blowing everything out of proportion that when PRRD was feeling sleepy in a PMA event, and critics think this is already bad.

Chu asked isn’t this embarrassing on Drilon’s part whose snore would echoe loudly in the senate sessions.

Chu wished a “dying” PRRD for a longer life, instead of being lazy is working his butt off to fast track the country’s progress.

Chu ended the post by demanding the critics to bend a knee or bow before PRRD.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

You tell us every day that the President is dying, you tell us he is sick, and still he has passed so many laws, travels to so many countries, attends so many events, working himself to the bone until the wee hours of the day.

If he really is so sick, shouldn’t you be worshiping him for achieving so much while “dying” while your perfectly healthy ex Presidents didn’t lift a finger to change the course of this then rotting (literally thanks to all the garbage shipped here) country?

Ikaw nga konting lagnat lang, absent agad.

Konting vertigo lang, may ready agad na med certificate.

Konting sakit sa ulo, search agad ng “brain tumor symptoms” sa Google. Konting dysmenorrhea, “ovarian cyst symptoms” agad.

Inantok lang sa PMA event, masama na? Di naman nakakahiya kay Drilon na all out yung hilik sa Senate sessions.

Long live a “dying” “sick” King who instead of being lazy in his last days, works his ass off to fast track this country’s progress.

Now bend the knee. (Di ako nanonood ng GOT, Ito lang alam ko don’t pepper with me other references.)

Netizen Theresa Salva Jereza was all praises for Krizette Chu’s post for her wit and sarcastic brand of humor.

Your entries are full of wit and sarcasm and such a joy to read. At the same time i am filled with such awe and admiration for PDut’s strength and stamina as eloquently described above. Thank God for spit fire warriors like yourself and Trixie.

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