Manila Bulletin writer to KAPA members threatening withdrawal of support of PRRD: “Knock yourself out. Go elect Aquino and LP in 2022.” Read why!

You can’t blame that some members of the KAPA Ministry for being very emotional right now as their church or perhaps investment is facing uncertain future.

This is because their church leader has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme.

In fact, a member of the KAPA church wrote an open letter to PRRD, urging the President to support KAPA.

Otherwise, this could be the end of Sara Duterte’s 2022 presidential ambition because they will support Liberal Party instead.

Check out the screenshot of the letter below and the link should wish to read the full text of the open letter.

Manila Bulletin writer and staunch PRRD supporter Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook to respond to the open letter from a KAPA member.

In the open letter, Chu told the KAPA members without batting an eyelash to go ahead and elect another Aquino and LP in 2022.

Chu even taunted the writer of the open letter to do it now and go to Leni Robredo if they want to exact revenge because Leni is the type of politician who would fight for them for the sake of opposing PRRD even if they are fighting for an illegal cause.

You may read Krizette Chu’s full FB post below.

You’re threatening withdrawal of support of Duterte for regulating Ponzi schemes?

Knock yourself out. Go elect Aquino and LP in 2022. That guy is the perfect choice for those who want to see more of thieves and scammers anyway. Mas payag siya sa mga ganito. Actually, Aquino won’t care. BUHAY PA NAMAN KAYO DI BA?

If we don’t deserve a straight and narrow guy like Duterte, then we don’t. If we are a nation of self serving hypocrites who cannot follow the law if it hurts them, then by all means, you’re welcome to re-elect the LPs and the kowtowers of this country. I mean, I’m sure one of the Ocho Direchos or Leni herself will fight for you, maka kontra lang kay Duterte. Why are you waiting for 2022 to exact revenge when you can call Leni Robredo and LP to take up your cause? Naghahanap yon ng magagamit against the President, baka matulungan kayo. Kesehodang illegal.

So sino tinakot niyo. LOL. Anak niyo lang naman ang lalaki sa Pilipinas na pinili niyo para sa kanila.

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