Manila Bulletin writer to Leni Robredo on Kakampinks attacking Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla: LOL. Hay Leni your sheeeldren. Nag mana sayo

ICYMI, Congressman Boying Remulla, brother of Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla, made a controversial statement accusing that the crowd who attended the Leni Robredo rally in General Trias Cavite was not organic. In other words, many were paid.

Of course, the Robredo camp denied Cong Boying Remulla’s allegation as per tweet by the OVP Spokesman Atty. Barry Gutierrez.

However, many Leni Robredo supporters appear to have misplaced their anger by getting back at Governor Jonvic Remulla, the brother of Cong. Remulla who made the allegation against the Robredo camp.

This is the point raised by Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu in her latest FB post.

Chu said she found the Kakampinks’ behavior hilarious. Why?

Because they adored Governor Jonvic last year when the Cavite Governor was pro-Leni and his PR, Macoy Dubs another known pro-Leni.

But now that the Cavite Governor is endorsing BBM’s presidential bid, the Kakampinks are now attacking the Cavite Governor, to the point that they are now threatening to release a video showing how bad he is, including vote-buying issue allegation.

Chu reminded the Kakampinks that Jonvic was an anti-Duterte.

Now, the Kakampinks are now attacking Jonvic when it was his brother, Cong. Boying who made the noise about Kakampinks getting paid to attend the Leni Robredo rally in Cavite.

In frustration, Chu called Leni’s attention regarding her supporters, whom she said seemed to have inherited her attitude.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post.

Nakakatawa yung mga Kakampink.

Dati mahal na mahal nila nung pro Leni pa si Jonvic. tapos PR ni Jonvic yung pro Leni na Macoy Dubs.

Ngayon may mga video kuno na nirerelease sila kung gaano daw kasama si Jonvic na may vote buying issue daw.

Mga shunga talaga, eh anti Duterte nga si Jonvic until last year. Mga shunga HAHAHAHAH

Tapos puro Jonvic sila eh si Boying naman nagsasabi na bayaran ang kapwa Kakampink nila

LOL. Hay Leni your sheeeldren. Nag mana sayo


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