Manila Bulletin writer to local execs: “The greatest lesson is not to make vaccination a political campaign tool”

In light of the photos and videos making the rounds online, showing disturbing scenes in vaccination centers in Manila, Las Pinas and Antipolo City, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu has taken to Facebook to share her say on the issue.

According to Chu, “the greatest lesson is not to make vaccination a political campaign tool.”

Chu advised local execs to refrain from opening their vaccination to non-residents because for sure, it is a recipe for chaos for their vested political interest or ambition. Chu pleaded to politicians not to use vaccination as a political tool at the expense of their own constituents.

“If you cannot even fully serve your own city and constituents, don’t open it to other residents from other cities kasi magkakagulo talaga para lang may magsabi ng, “Dun pa ako nabakunahan kahit taga Pasig ako.” Not at the expense of your own citizens.”

Chu’s post generated quite a buzz on Facebook, eliciting 4,654 reactions, 189 comments and 125 shares in 4 hours and counting.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to share their thoughts on the issue raised by Ms. Chu.

“Having an ambition to run for a higher office, this open policy of Mayor Isko Moreno is a political ploy to gain voters outside Manila, which the vaccines could have been served to more of his residents. Anyway, each LGU can take care of its constituents since each has allocation coming from the national government,” a netizen wrote expressing his agreement with Chu’s opinion.

This netizen offered a plausible theory why Yorme make the Manila vaccination a free-for-all initiative.

“Hit two birds in one stone daw po kasi, vaccination program failure = covid surge, then put the blame on national govt, they will use this as their election campaign slogan. It will increase their chance of winning against this administration on next years election. Kaso nakalimutan nila di na BOBO ang majority ng botante 😁😁😁.”

“Tapos isisi nya sa national govt kapalpakan nya kakaloka yang si yorme buti na lang nagpa vax drive company namin..” chimed in another netizen.

An irate netizen claiming to be from Manila wrote: “Truth masyadong pa hero kung kami taga Maynila nahirapan pang kumuha ng schedule, tsaka sa lahat ng number na nakapost walang sumaaagot. Hayup na yan.”


Source: Krizette Chu

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