Manila Bulletin writer volunteers to answer Leni Robredo’s question re critics p!ck!ng on her despite poor survey showing

As per Manila Bulletin, VP Leni Robredo said she is perplexed because critics already dismissed her chances due to poor showing in surveys among possible 2022 presidential candidate hopefuls and yet critics are wasting their time on her.

On that note, staunch Duterte supporter and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu volunteered to shed light on the question baffling VP Robredo, “Ako na po sasagot, VP Leni Robredo.”

Chu, speaking bluntly, told Robredo that critics are simply having the so-called “Schadenfreude” moment after all what she did to PRRD and the country, citing Robredo’s recorded “palit-ulo” UN speech.

“Bully kasi sila, Mama Leni. They’re just having fun rubbing your bad survey ratings in your face. It won’t be fun to bully Grace Poe or Manny Pacquiao or BBM, or whoever is 2,3,4, because they didn’t naman do what you did to PRRD and the country (like mga palit ulo), so in German the word po is called “Schadenfreude.”

Chu remarked that picking on Robredo is not a waste of time per se because her critics are having fun doing it. Besides, Chu added her critics have no other hobby. Chu blamed the absence of comedy shows on TV nowadays hence, critics are turning Robredo as sort of their comedy show.

“Hindi naman po aksaya sa panahon kasi nasisiyahan naman sila at dahil walang mga hobby yang mga yan. Wala rin comedy shows ngayon kayo po ginawa kayong comedy show.

Chu joked that Robredo’s critics are simply rude or ill-mannered. Chu said that like in movies, the bullied got the chance to retaliate against the bully.

“Yung mga critics na yan masyado lang talaga masama ugali. Kumbaga sa movie, ito yung part na yung mga binully ng bully eh nagkaroon ng chance na resbekan sya.

Chu advised Robredo to accept things as they are. Anyways, she can assured, she will take a break from all of these.

“Just accept the relevance nalang po because in 2022 makaka rest naman kayo from all these bullying 😞

Ako na po sasagot, VP Leni Robredo. Bully kasi sila, Mama Leni. They’re just having fun rubbing your bad survey ratings…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Sunday, February 7, 2021


Source: Krizette Chu

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